They Bleed Pixels Coming To Steam

Spooky Squid Games will be releasing They Bleed Pixels to the PC console through Steam. The gothic lo-fi beat’em up that features a little girl who can stab, kick and toss enemies into saws and spike pits will also be getting Steamworks, leaderboards and even cloud saving.

They Bleed Pixels was originallly supposed to be launched on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games, however Creative Director Miguel Sternberg says throughout the game’s development process, players and other developers have told him the game deserves to reach a larger audience and moving the game to Steam will do just that.

Spooky Squid Games also released a new trailer for the big news which can make any platformer connoisseur excited to play the game when it comes out.

“For those waiting for the release date, we’re very close to being able to announce it. We’re just finishing up sound and squashing a few pesky bugs. It’s been a busy year and I think players will really appreciate the additional content and polish,” said Miguel Sternberg.

I’ve played this game quite a bit and I’m definitely excited to add this amazing game to my collection on Steam.



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