Review: Gravity Rush


With the Vita out for a few months now, the fact that there are only a select few  amazing titles remains truthful. Fortunately, Gravity Shift is definitely one of them.

The story begins as the main character Kat falls from the sky and lands in the city of Hekeseville and seems to be suffering from amnesia. She decides to go exploring the large city where she runs into a black cat which looks like it was taken directly from the night sky, stars and all. The cat gives Kat the ability to shift gravity so she can fly forwards, backwards, and any other way you can think of providing you have enough power in your gravity gauge to do so.

The game makes full use of the Playstation Vita’s touchscreen by allowing you to tap in order to read through conversations or character interaction as long as a small paw was visible. Kat has quite a few different special movies that can be used to defeat many of the enemies. Called Nevi, your foes are red creatures that seem to have appeared from the gravity storm that is tormenting the city. She explores the streets at the beginning of her journey to figure out who she is and why she was brought to this place.

One of her normal moves involves the kick button. When you press it rapidly, Kat will chain together a series of them. Another move, her most important one is the gravity shift move. During battle, a swipe across the screen will make Kat evade any projectile attacks coming her way. Handily, this also works when you’re in the air when flying towards enemies who want to make your approach difficult. With a press of the R button, Kat becomes semi-transparent and begins to float. With the left stick you can move the purple circle that appears in the middle of the screen, telling you where you want to go. This is where the frustration begins.

When I first started playing Gravity Rush, getting used to the aiming was driving me crazy until halfway through the game. Sometimes you’d aim and you wouldn’t necessarily get to where you want to go. Maybe you’d have to change the camera angle because Kat is upside down and you want to be precise to know where you need to fly to next. During some boss fights, it was hard to aim properly before the boss quickly moved to another location, forcing you to follow it there and try to line up your character to get the right shot.

Once you get used to the controls, fighting Nevi is much easier, however, but frustration continues with another move. The Gravity kick is supposed to auto-aim assist, but it doesn’t quite do that to airborne Nevi. Those enemies prove extremely hard to hit unless they’re in a state of floating in the same place, not doing anything  and waiting for you to make the attack. Throughout the city you will find special challenges that can be completed in order to receive additional purple crystals in order to level up Kat. These challenges vary from defeating as many enemies as you can to racing from one part of the city to the other. While playing I realized that the game was much easier when most of Kat’s abilities are upgraded.

The characters in the game are well done and most of them have a slight sense of humour to balances out Kat’s quirky nature. Later on in the game you can tell that she has learned quite a bit from moving around the different parts of the city to saving citizens from the many dangers that surround them, evolving her as a character.

Gravity Rush does a great job of letting the player think they have reached the climax of the game. During my playthrough, there were numerous occasions I thought I was about to face the final boss but then even an hour later, I’m still playing and more events just seemed to be popping in. I like that uncertainty in a game. However some of the occurrences didn’t really make a lot of sense.  At the end, I was wondering why they decided to put them in the game in the first place.

Between the gravity shifting and figuring out who Kat truly is, Gravity Rush was a great experience. Even after the game is over there are still plenty of things for you to collect and an excellent opportunity to explore some of the bizarre secrets that can be found all around the city of Hekeseville.



-The game is enjoyable when you power up Kat’s abilities

-Soaring through the air feels great and cuts down on time

-The characters are solid



-Aiming can be hard and frustrating

-There wasn’t a lot of variety with the music

-The story was like a broken roller coaster




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