Video game depicts assault of female game critic

In what some may call counter-productive,  a game depicting the assault of a feminist blogger who is analyzing women’s depiction in video games popped up on Newgrounds briefly before being taken down.

Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency ran a very successful Kickstarter little more than a month back in which she pitched to critically analyze women’s tropes in video games in a video series. Though she was originally asking for $6,000 to help her fund the project, after internet trolls popped up attacking her with misogynist and she was talked about pretty much everywhere that covered video game news, she racked up an amazing $160,000 on Kickstarter for the project.

The rabble roused by the trolls was meant to dissuade the feminist but unfortunately gave her cause a whole new meaning and the misogyny in the gaming community poured out over Youtube, in memes and in comments on multiple message boards.

Unfortunately the unrest didn’t end after all of that and this new game in which you click on Sarkeesian’s face to beat and bruise her, causing everything from black eyes to swollen lips popped up on Newgrounds by creator Ben Spurr.

“Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her,” writes Spurr in the description for the game. “She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.”

The incendiary game was ‘blammed’ by the Newground community causing it to be taken down by the site.

Though Spurr is critical of Sarkeesian’s motives with the web series she’s planning to make and the money she’s amassed in her Kickstarter campaign, this newest incident has done nothing to diminish the fame she’s gained in spite of these kinds of attacks.

Now the news has traveled across pretty much every gaming website. It’s even been picked up by Huffington Post, Dig Boston, Jezebel and Think Progress. Even though the game was meant to be a glorified stress ball for those who are angry with the Feminist Frequency blogger, it may have ended up giving the gaming community a black eye in the face of popular gaming.

Thanks Spurr.


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Khristopher is a well-to-do journalist with a video game addiction and a knack for writing. He's been playing video games for over two decades and gets a little bit itchy whenever he sees something new which tickles his fancy.