Coming to Stores: July 3rd Edition

I woke up early this past weekend, sipped on some coffee and scoured over my usual source for game releases to present this weeks STAGGERING list of titles. Seriously, if you can read this long list is one sitting, you should be commended. I don’t even want to spoil the list up in this header paragraph like I usually do. This whole month is a little slower, kids, so enjoy the fresh air and get caught up on your backlog while checking back to periodically for reading material.. ~ Don

Please note dates are subject to change, and these do not account for digital releases, which can sometimes be as important as retail releases. Don’s personal picks are highlighted in red.



  • Tuesday, July 3 ~ Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (PS3 & X360)

Racing enthusiasts know and love the Ferrari brand, so Test Drive is taking a step into a more historic-campaign with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. This latest Test Drive will have you racing through various challenges in iconic Ferrari automobiles through it’s storied lineage.


Nintendo 3DS:

  • Tuesday, July 3 ~ Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy franchise has some of the most memorable game music in its collection. Square-Enix is throwing fan-favorite tracks into a rhythm game exclusively for the 3DS called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. This oddly titled game will also feature RPG elements to make the average Final Fantasy fan feel at least a little comfortable as they tap and slide along to the beat of their favorite songs.

Sony Playstation Vita

Yep, it is going to be a long month for Vita owners… let’s hope Sound Shapes lives up to the month long wait.



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Starting out as a founding member of Gamingcore Podcast, Don ventured on to start Gameciety; which began as a podcast, and ended as a blog. Don now handles's PR work, is part of the reviews staff and has various other little projects he does for the site.