What to Watch this Weekend – June 29th Edition


With the looming shadow of July 3rd’s The Amazing Spider-Man, studios are loading up the Cineplex with their not quite blockbuster films hoping to beat the heat. Aside from not having a new family film, a demographic that Brave will continue to dominate, this week sees something for just about everyone.




Seth MacFarlane, creator of the Family Guy, tries his hand at live action filmmaking with his Mark Wahlberg and talking teddy bear title, Ted. It is something of an uneven film but has some genuinely funny bits and with nothing really filling that niche well, it could do quite well this weekend. Despite its issues, Ted is my pick of the week. Our review will be up later today.




If I was a 33 year old woman, instead of a 33 year old guy, my pick of the week would be Channing Tatum’s latest starring vehicle, Magic Mike. Tatum has been on a roll this year so far and while Magic Mike might not have the general appeal of 21 Jump Street, it will do quite well with the ladies and might give Ted a run for its money.




Rounding out the other new releases are People Like Us, starring Chris Pine and the lovely Elizabeth Banks, and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection. People Like Us may find a small audience looking for a sappy, feel-good flick while Madea’s Witness Protection will do what it does… I guess. I’m honestly surprised that Madea hasn’t yet run its course but Perry does have a strong fanbase and they are cheap to produce, so there is that.

What are you seeing this weekend?


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