Kinecting to Better Health – Week 6

Heat… its a killer and it really put a damper on my desire to do much in the way of exercising this week, even the Kinect got banished, but it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if every week was easy right?

Monday – 18 June

Slightly less eating and just as much walking as Monday made this day mostly a positive.

Tuesday –19 June

With the heat coming the next day I decided to use Tuesday to my best advantage. I ate less and exercised more, which continued to push me in the right direction.

Wednesday – 20 June

And then it got hot and I stopped doing anything.

Thursday – 21 June

Still hot, still no activity.

Friday – 22 June

Having wasted the past two days doing nothing, I busted out some Dance Central and some walking as the temperature got more bearable.

Saturday – 22 June

Saturday was my best day of walking but still, not anywhere near the highs I’ve put up previously..

Sunday – 23 June

Another lazy day.

Week 6 recap:

Week six was tough as the heat really killed any momentum I had built up. Fortunately I was able to balance out my lack of movement by keeping my calories under control, mostly, which worked out in my favor as I skinned off four pounds.

Week 6 Stats:

Starting Weight: 262.2 lbs

Total Walked: 44.21 miles

Total Dance Central 2 played: 1 hour

Total Kinect Sports played: 2.75 hours

Ending Weight: 258.1 lbs

Join me next week to check up on my Kinect adventures and my overall challenge progress.


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