Kinecting to Better Health – Week 5


The hardest part of this whole fitness endeavor is not the walking or using Kinect to exercise but rather the controlling what I eat. Sure, I would much rather do something other than carve out an hour for a walk or Kinect activity here and there but in the grand scheme of things it is easier than making sure I don’t eat too many chicken nuggets, or have too much pasta, or drink too much beer. I mean, who watches how much beer they are drinking unless they have to worry about driving?


Making things extra difficult this week was the fact that my wife went to Phoenix for the week, while I got to play Mr. Mom with my three older kids. I’m pretty sure if I were a single parent I would look like Jabba the Hutt because I would just be constantly tired. Although maybe all the running around is good for the metabolism… who knows?


Monday – 11 June


With my wife gone I know I won’t be able to get out of the house as often for walks, so I need to get them in while at work and I started that off strong today, netting four solid walks. I also snagged 45 minutes of Kinect Sports, focusing primarily on the calorie challenge.


Tuesday –12 June


Crappy weather meant less walking at the office today but I enlisted the help of my kids and we dance battled in Dance Central 2 for a good 35 minutes. I also netted 25 minutes of Kinect Sports.


Wednesday – 13 June


Wednesday was back to normal, lots of walking at work followed at night by another round of dance battles in Dance Central 2.


Thursday – 14 June


A department team building exercise netted me some nice miles walking today and I also dedicated an hour of walking and an hour of Kinect Sports by myself because my kids were away.


Friday – 15 June


Parental obligations destroyed much hope of getting anything done in terms of using Kinect on Friday. Being at a dance recital dress rehearsal for five hours will do that.


Saturday – 16 June


That dress rehearsal was for the recital today and I fully expected to not net any sort of exercise during it. However because my youngest daughter is a raving lunatic I spent the last two hours of the night circling the building while either carrying her or pushing her stroller while she screamed at me. So while I did not get any KInect time in, I did net quite a few miles of walking.


Sunday – 17 June


Father’s day, I had grand plans to walk a lot and get some exercising done using the Kinect. It didn’t happen. Instead I ate too much, to the point I felt sick, and sat in my living room the rest of the day.

Week 5 recap:

Five weeks down. The weight loss has slowed considerably but I am hoping to knock off at least another six to eight pounds before it is all over. Three weeks to go.

Week 5 Stats:

Starting Weight: 263.9 lbs

Total Walked: 67.39 miles

Total Dance Central 2 played: 1 hour

Total Kinect Sports played: 2.75 hours

Ending Weight: 262.2 lbs

Join me next week to check up on my Kinect adventures and my overall challenge progress.


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