Coming to Stores: June 19th Edition

I know, I didn’t do one of these last week and you probably had no idea what came to stores. I apologize. To make up for it, I am reviewing the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Conquest AS WE SPEAK! Now that I have you all excited and giddy (EDITOR NOTE: Pokemon stopped making most of us excited and giddy when we were 12. Obviously this means Don thinks you are all 12 year olds. Take that as you will…) , this week has some great kids games. A new LEGO game and a video game adaptation of the Brave movie, with a random spin-off Pokemon game rounding things out. ~ Don

Please note dates are subject to change, and these do not account for digital releases, which can sometimes be as important as retail releases. Don’s personal picks are highlighted in red.


Poor Robin. He has to pose to look important.


  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PS3, Wii & X360)
  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ Brave: The Video Game (PS3, Wii & X360)

X360 only:

  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Kinect only)

We get more LEGO charm with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes this coming week, and to be honest, I’m pretty excited for it. All of the LEGO games have a simple-yet-accomplished feel to them, and LEGO Batman was the first one I really fell in love with. I could do without the rest of the DC cast as I am more of a Marvel person, though. The “kid movie-game tie-in” release of the week, Brave: The Video Game, had a large crowd around its booth at E3. A third-person action-adventure game, Brave has you playing a princess in a colorful, beautiful world and looks more promising than other recent movie-game tie-ins released. Coming to X360 only is the mech simulation game, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. The difference this time around is that Armored Core-vets From Software opted to use the Kinect as the controller this time, not an expensive one-of-a-kind controller like the last one.


WHUT?! You turned Tepig into a hot link?! YOU MONSTER!! D:

Nintendo DS:

  • Monday, June 18 ~ Pokemon Conquest
  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ Brave: The Video Game
  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

No 3DS games at all this week, which is weird since the DS usually doesn’t get any serious love. I covered two of these in the above paragraph (so nice of me to bold titles, isn’t it. 🙂 ), but Pokemon Conquest is unique to the DS. A completely different spin on the Pokemon franchise, this time  you’ll take control of a Warlord and a band of Warriors as you try to conquer the lands of Ransei to make the legendary Pokemon appear.

Sony Playstation Vita

  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

With the scarcity of Vita games released lately, it’s refreshing to see a game coming out that will most likely be above average. LEGO Batman 2: DC Heroes is also the last retail, physical Vita game coming out in the next month and a half, so don’t be expecting to see anything here for awhile.


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