E3 2012: Omerta- City of Gangsters Impressions

Kalypso puts out games in various genres, but to me and probably quite a few others, Kalypso is about strategy games. Tropico 4 was a very popular X360 and PC title amongst strategy game enthusiasts, and now those same people should have their eyes on Omerta- City of Gangsters. I didn’t personally get to play this game, but the gentlemen at Kalypso were kind enough to show me a quick demonstration.

Blending RPG and strategy elements into one, cohesive experience, Omerta puts players in the role of a mob boss ready to take over the city. Atlantic City is ripe for the taking, too. Split into 15 sections, players will take the city territory by territory by completing a variety of missions.

Each person in your gang levels up, with stats very similar to other RPGs. So you may have one person that is good at being a get-away driver, which you would not send indoors to actually rob the bank during a heist.

I was shown the turn-based portion of the game. The mission was to go in and kill a group of KKK members. Each person had a turn and could move so far and perform a set amount of actions. The system reminded me of a PSP game I had played years ago, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command, though I am sure I have seen the same mechanic elsewhere.

Loading screens and story sequences will be presented in a beautiful pencil-drawn art style. The game is coming along nicely and should offer strategy fans a gritty, darker alternative to the colorful, comical Tropico series when Omerta- City of Gangsters launches later this year.


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