E3 2012: Sun Flowers Hands-On

Finally, a fun Vita puzzle game that has simple mechanics and has the ability of going from pretty simple to ridiculously hard if you don’t mind getting your digital thumb green.

In Sun Flowers, you don’t hold you Playstation Vita system the normal way, but it is held vertically. The game is simple. You take control of the sun and by pressing the Vita’s screen or rear touch pad, you can spew rays of sunlight to the earth below into your garden. As everyone should know, Earth has clouds and when the sun’s rays hit the clouds in game, the rays of sunlight turn into water. It doesn’t stop there, but you can perform combos as well by shooting sunlight through two or more clouds at once allowing bigger water droplets that fall to your garden.

The aim of the game is to grow as many flowers as you can by making sure that your planets get lots and lots of water. If you so happened to shoot rays of sunlight directly to your flowers, they get singed and you’ll have to feed it extra water to bring it back to life.

The art style is cutesy and as the seasons change the sun will appear to have different emotions depending on the time of year. For example during winter, the sun will look cold and have snot running down its face.

Sun Flowers is a pick-up and play game, which is perfect for passing time or sharing high scores with friends.

In the later levels during winter, things will get a little bit harder. Your plants will freeze into little plant cubes and you have to know how much sunlight to send directly to the plant in order to be able to pick the plant. If you add water to the ice, another layer will form making it harder to harvest the plant.

I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while now and it was great to finally have a chance to play it once it releases exclusive to the Playstation Vita.


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