E3 2012: Joe Danger: The Movie Hands-On

Oh man, I had so much fun with this game it was ridiculous. Joe Danger has retuned and there are a lot and I mean a lot of mini-games that are stunt oriented, so you have to have some quick fingers to jump and navigate over spikes and holes unless you want to start over again.

I haven’t played the first Joe Danger game so the developers at Hello Games started me off with a few levels. I caught on quite quickly, especially with the unicycle levels where you have to use the right trigger button to accelerate and use the left thumbstick to balance with X to jump. I realized I was pretty good so the devs tried to 1-up me by giving me more difficult levels.

I guess they were surprised because I just flew right by them. After playing the game for a little over 20 minutes (yes, I admit I totally hogged the booth) they brought me to the really hard ‘deleted scenes’ levels and, I have to admit, the first one they gave me kicked my ass.

In that particular level, you take control of Joe Danger on a motorbike. Your job was to collect all the slushies along your way to the end of the level but you have just one obstacle to deal with – a revolving metal spike plate that moves up or down. When the spike is on the down position, you have to make Joe jump over it and when it’s in the up position you have to duck underneath. I couldn’t finish the level and I was NOT ready to leave their booth. I was going to beat it. I eventually did, but it took almost 30 minutes of constantly dying and trying again.

From the corner of my eye I saw the devs talking about how determined I was and that most people would have went to easier levels or stopped playing, but not me. After beating it I unlocked an achievement that said “Most Dedicated.”

I have never been so happy and the devs were very impressed. The fact that I was at their booth for over an hour told me that this game is a lot of fun and no matter how hard some of the levels may be, that it’s still really fun. I hope the devs didn’t mind.

Joe Danger: The Movie will be coming out to consoles soon.


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I love indie games and watching terrible movies.