E3 2012: Medal of Honor Hands-On

I don’t play First person shooters very often, but I did think this one was quite interesting and provided incredible graphics. I’ve played some of the many factions that a few counties in the world possess such as USA’s the Navy Seal and Canada’s Joint Task Force (JTF-2), which is a special task force, dedicated to preventing terrorism.

The visuals of the environment look great and the game boasts a partnership with real world brands that contribute real life tier 1 operators around the world to provide the game with authentic weapons and equipment.

Did I mention the game looks great? Under the hood of Meal of Honor is the Frostbite 2 engine, which is why the audio, AI, and environmental destruction is outstanding.

The multiplayer was a lot of fun, I crawled around on my stomach trying to stay out of the enemies sight (which worked most of the time) and I loved that if anyone on your team gets killed and it is relatively safe around me they can spawn near me rather than to spawn rather away so you’re never too far away from the action.

I didn’t have a lot fo time with the game, but even for someone like me who isn’t really into shooters, I thought it was really fun and provided a realistic perception of war.

This game is being released in October 23 2012 for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.


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