Kinecting to Better Health – Week 3

I am quickly finding out that getting in shape and losing weight is a constant balancing act of ups and downs. It is a full on commitment and there are days I just do not want to play along with this whole endeavor. Sometimes I just want to quit, sit down on the couch, eat some pie, drink a soda and play some games. Not that I did that, I have now gone over a month without soda… I do still have some pie though.

Monday – 28 May

For many in the US, Memorial Day poses a huge challenge. It is a day of lounging around and eating and drinking way too much food and beer. Normally I fall into the same boat but due to friends and family traveling, holiday activities were somewhat light for the day. However, my dad had other plans and brought my family out to dinner at Friday’s, where he proceeded to order nearly everything on the menu. I didn’t really need the extra shrimp, half rack of ribs and sesame jack chicken on top of my sirloin steak but I can’t say I fought him on it when offered either. Even so I managed to get a good chunk of walking in and play an hour of Dance Central 2, so I suppose I made up for it.

Tuesday – 29 May

Whereas Memorial Day should have been my lazy day, it turns out Tuesday was. I did hardly any walking, although I did get an hour of Dance Central 2 in.

Wednesday – 30 May

Morning weigh in had me down to 268.9 lbs which is a nice little drop from the 272.6 on Monday. Making up for Tuesday’s inactivity I went on a walking spree today, getting in close to 14 miles for the day and over 10 miles in dedicated walking activities. I spent so much time walking though that I only snagged 15 minutes of Dance Central 2. All in all it was a very strong day of exercise.

Thursday – 31 May

Thursday consisted of a good chunk of walking but no Kinect use.

Friday – 1 June

The morning weigh in had me down .4 lbs to 268.5 and I should have racked up the walking today because I was chaperoning my daughter’s field trip to historical Philadelphia. It should have been a walking tour but I had a whiny kid in my group, that did not want to walk anywhere and it also decided to rain on us, both of which dampened my progress. While I did get a nice chunk of exercise from the trip, I failed to get much of anything at home because of a sleep over. I guess I could have challenged the group of 8 year old girls to dance battle me in Dance Central 2 but then again, hindsight is 20/20.

Saturday – 2 June

I dedicated quite a bit of time to just walking on Saturday and I also started the Calorie Challenge in Kinect Sports doing 20 minutes of exercise with that game. Nothing motivates me to play Kinect games like the promise of easy achievements. Using Kinect Sports as an exercise tool is far different from using Dance Central. Dance Central is pretty much an aerobic workout whereas Kinect Sports is a lot of short burst cardio activities.

Sunday – 3 June

Sunday was a lot more dedicated walking as well as an hour of Kinect Sports and the Calorie Challenge. Using Kinect Sports is a nice change of pace and like Dance Central, it pushes my whole body. Right now I am enjoying playing it as it offers a nice change of pace from Dance Central.

Week 3 recap:

It is easy to start something new and go headlong into it with enthusiasm. It is maintaining that enthusiasm and motivation that is a struggle. Fortunately I am a competitive person and the desire to win the weight loss/walking challenge at work has kept me going. I need to utilize the Kinect a bit more but Dance Central was starting to get a bit repetitive, Kinect Sports and its sequel might be the games that help me to counteract that.

Week 3 Stats:

Starting Weight: 272.6 lbs

Total Walked: 73.49 miles

Total Dance Central 2 played: 2.25 hours

Total Kinect Sports played: 1.3 hours

Ending Weight: 267.6 lbs

Join me next week to check up on my Kinect adventures and my overall challenge progress.

Normally Kinecting to Better Health would be published on Tueday but because of E3 it was moved to today. It will return to its regular date next week.


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  • Good luck Chris! If you have the right equipment, DDR is an amazing workout. Even on medium, you’ll be sweating your ass off in no time.


  • Chris Scott

    I have a DDR dance pad somewhere around here…