E3 2012: Paper Mario: Sticker Star Detailed

Paper Mario is back to basics with another turn based RPG. This time the papercraft plumber is utilizing stickers as a way to modify his abilities or the overworld in some way.

I am a huge fan of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door which is on the Gamecube and when the followup Super Paper Mario shifted the turn based style battles to a more action based playstyle I was a little disappointed. So it’s really nice to see Paper Mario go back to it’s turn based roots. It seems to be keeping very faithful to the kinds of humor in previous Paper Mario games where it breaks the fourth wall with the way the paper craft world works with the wind or how enemies fold or are cut by scissors, etc.

This game is looking good to me so far. I don’t really see a huge leap from Thousand Year Door with the sticker mechanic but according to Nintendo you no longer earn experience in the traditional way, by defeating enemies, instead you’ll gain experience by helping out other characters and progressing the story. It seems interesting, I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has cooked up.


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Khristopher is a well-to-do journalist with a video game addiction and a knack for writing. He's been playing video games for over two decades and gets a little bit itchy whenever he sees something new which tickles his fancy.