E3 2012: Dead Space 3 Impressions

Being a huge fan of Visceral Games, hearing that EA is publishing the next Dead Space game in the series, I freaked out with happiness.

Today, I had an appointment with EA to see a special E3 build of the game. The story this time around is that Isaac has crash-landed on another planet and is trying to figure out the real truth about the mysterious disease that took over the Ishimura during the first Dead Space game.

The snowy landscape looks simply amazing. I’m not too sure what game engine was used, but I think it may be the same one used for Dead Space 2. It probably sticks out to me because the snow obviously makes everything brighter making many more things visible to the player.

Dead Space 3 features live drop-in co-op where someone can pop into your game and assist you through the game. Before I explain what I saw more, keep in mind that you don’t have to play the game co-op. You can still play the game alone and enjoy the faint sounds of Isaac making his way around a seemingly abandoned laboratory. If you choose, however, to play the game with a friend or stranger online, there will be additional cut scenes as well as dialog between the two characters.

Early into the demo Isaac comes across one of the many chambers that can be used to change his suits and he changed into his brand new snowsuit that makes sense for his location.

If you’ve played any Dead Space game, you also know that Isaac isn’t the most mobile person, but this is about to change as Isaac can now crouch, take cover, and evade. This isn’t obvious. Not only does Isaac have to worry about aliens trying to crush his skull or ground his bones into some Necromorph bread, but Isaac has to deal with people. Like, actual people. I find it really weird, but from what I saw it seems to work although it makes Dead Space more action-y and I’m not sure if I’m okay with that.

There was a new Necromorph that was shown as well. It’s fairly small and has a head with tentacles (because tentacles) and it eats the skull of dead people and re-animates the body taking full control and even making the body shoot at Isaac.

Oh yeah, the bosses. The short demo had two. One that looked like an overgrown icy spider with more tentacles coming out of its head, the other, a colossal-sized Necromorph that spits orange pods that hatch into skeletons and tries to suck Isaac into its mouth.

Oh man, this game has a lot going for it and I trust Visceral Games to make this the best Dead Space this can be.


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I love indie games and watching terrible movies.
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  • Chris Scott

    I am not sold on this game at all. Very worried about it in fact.

  • Why?

  • Royel Edwards

    He doesn’t like space, or dead, or 3.

  • Chris Scott

    I most certainly do like space.

    I’m mostly concerned that the horror aspect of the game is being tossed away to bring it more in line with other third person shooters and playing with another person in co-op almost always kills tension.