E3 2012: Pid interview & hands on

Click the video above for our interview with Wendy Young, managing director at developer Might and Delight

Gregory Hutto, a buddy of mine and a Vagary.TV writer turned public relations man at Reverb Communications, sent an email to me about Pid that simply said “you have to see this %$&^ game.” After viewing the trailer and hearing that much of the developer for Pid is made up of ex-GRIN employees, developers of Bionic Commando Rearmed, I set off to see it at E3. I wasn’t let down.

Our demo of Pid began as I controlled a blocky-bodied boy as he crawled through a vent in the glimmering neon underbelly of an industrial complex. Just underneath the vent, I saw what looked like an eyeless version of satan, sitting down at a table. All of the characters and enemies I saw during the demo had a great neon-primary color palette adorning their blocky models and a sort of twisted-nightmare toybox aesthetic to them; it created a sense of wonder in the vibrant game world and an unsettling atmosphere all at once.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

The first tool I was given – and the first of many, from what I’ve seen and heard – was a small light grenade that emitted an upwards beacon of light from where it landed. When in contact with the light, some enemies and I were shot upwards or, if the light had hit a wall or an angle, sideways.

This sort of reversed-gravity by way of the light grenades quickly became necessary to navigate around spike hazards. Light could also be used to lift some kinds of enemies and obstacles out of the way, and the light also worked as a sort of toggle for switches. Because I could only have two of my light grenades active at once, it definitely lead to a little bit of head scratching during some puzzles, but I was never stumped.

I didn’t get to see the co-operative mode during the 20 minutes I spent playing the game, nor did I hear the music. It’s definitely a shame that I wasn’t able to hear much of the sound while I was on the busy and sound-polluted E3 show floor. For that reason, I hunted down the trailer posted above.

Pid is rumoured to be due out this summer 2012. Be sure to check back when we have more on the game closer to its release!

Update: D3 Publisher will be publishing Pid on Xbox Live Arcade. Might and Delight has plans to release the game on Playstation Network and PC as well.


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