E3 2012: Gravity Ghost Hands-On

I got the opportunity to swing by a small indie game being developed by Erin Robinson titled Gravity Ghost. Gravity Ghost is a whimsical little title that caught my eye while standing around in the Indie Arcade section of E3. I was looking back and forth between the time and my schedule, debating on taking my first break for the day and I just happened to look up and see this running on a laptop. I guess by now, you have assumed I did not take a break.

Gravity Ghost is a physics-based game that I hesitate to call a platformer. Before I go any further, I should explain what it was exactly that caught my eye. The art style has this beautiful hand-drawn look to it. While the background was all black with various white circles painted in here and there, the character herself (Gigi) was full of life- despite being dead.

I played for about ten minutes or so, talking to Erin a little about the game. The simplistic control scheme was the second selling point, as you used the left and right arrows to guide Gigi around the circles (representing moons or planets) and the Space Bar was how you performed a jump.

Note: Note a representation of what I saw, this image from gravityghost.com

Being a physics-based game, gravity plays a large role in Gravity Ghost (plus, you know, it’s in the title). During my brief playtime, I had to get Gigi from one side of the screen to the other, leaping from moon to moon. Gravity pulls you towards these objects, but the further away you are, the more freedom you have to fight gravity. In the second area, I had maneuvered Gigi into the middle of the screen and had a few moments to think about exactly what I wanted to do because I was manipulating gravity in such a way to just float there. Each screen had a door you had to get to, some of which required you to collect stars strategically placed around.

I found one awkward thing about Gravity Ghost, but it could just be me and the way my brain works. Moving around a circular object, I was trying to hit up and down on the keypad to move, which made some leaps go in a misguided direction.

Sadly, I didn’t take many notes because I was too busy talking with the developer about the game after my hands-on time with Gravity Ghost, but I can honestly say this was one of the little gems I didn’t expect to find. I’ll be following the development now, and will be looking to review the final product when it eventually releases. I’m also very glad I didn’t take that break.


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