E3 2012: God of War: Ascension Gameplay

The new God of War game shown off at Sony’s conference has Kratos struggling to break his bond with Ares and redeem himself from his past sins. Apparently this title is hoping to make Kratos a lot more redeemable and human than past games.

I kind of already know what I’m getting when I think of a God of War game. As I watched this one come out on stage, I said to a friend, “I bet in this one Kratos gets angry and kills a bunch of dudes, then kills a big dude.”

“If Kratos isn’t angry you may have my wallet,” he replied. Lest to say, no hands exchanged money that night.

I cooled my heels on the series at the end of the second game unfortunately though I’ve had numerous people tell me to delve back in where I left off. Maybe a more relatable Kratos is what a person like me needs to get hooked again however the trailer if what anyone familiar with the history of the series might expect, Kratos kills a bunch of dudes.

Still, the game looks spectacular as always and it now includes a new multiplayer mode for you and your buds to pound the tar out of one another. The action is definitely as amp-ed up as ever and Kratos is still running around with those blades on chains eviscerating his opponents mid-combat.  It makes me wish I hadn’t played this same story and game twice already so I could go in fresh on this one but if you still haven’t sated your thirst for Kratos’ brand of vengeance and blood than God of War: Ascension definitely looks to have your back.


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