E3 2012: Hitman Absolution Hands On

Its been a long time coming that I’ve played any Hitman game. Agent 47 is doing what he does best. In Hitman Absolution, things are much more interesting and would most likely suit a wider variety of gamers.

Sitting down to watch the demo I was shocked to see all the things you were able to do. Hiding bodies and stealing disguises has its charms and makes completing missions a breeze. In one instance agent 47 had to kill one a business man who was chatting away on his cell phone in the middle of a busy Chinatown alley. It was not as easy as it would seem for the shooter as you had to use your surroundings to your ability to get the job done.

When out on a mission there’s a special mode that you can engage called instinct mode. While in this mode various points of interest are highlighted around your character showing you ways of killing people in yellow and targets in red. For example in the demo I went into instinct mode in the busy Chinatown area and a skid was being suspended by chain a few feet from the ground. At first glance the game is telling you that you can kill someone here. All you have to do is get them underneath and snap the chain.

Easier said than done since your target isn’t willing to let himself be killed. While watching him from afar, he walked from the gazebo in the center of the alley and walked around the corner to urinate in the middle of the walkway. Obviously, this was my chance and my weapon of choice was a bottle. Slowly I crouched and made my way towards him as he emptied his bladder and at the press of a button I smashed the bottle over his head – killing him instantly.

The fun wash over, though, since I was spotted and I had heavy gunfire aimed towards me and I died soon after. I played the demo again and I did much better, but the realization was that this game gives you a lot of choices when you are carrying out your missions. There is ALWAYS more than one way to kill someone. If you choose, you can make your target’s death look like an accident which will not arouse suspicion and get the police and swat team against you.

One of my favourite parts of the game is having the ability to move and/or hide bodies of the people you’ve recently killed in nearby dumpsters or lockers so you cannot be suspected by anyone. You can even hide in one if you choose to.

The good part of all this is that the game will be coming out this year, however no exact date was given. My guess is that it will probably come out during or before the holiday season unless the game gets delayed (which I hope it doesn’t.)

Hitman Absolution will be available for the Playstation 3, PC, and the Xbox 360 this year.


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