E3 2012: Metal Gear Rising Hands On

Picking up the controller to play the E3 demo of Metal Gear Rising was simply exhilarating. The first thing you’re intruduced to is how to use Raiden’s sword. You can pretty much slice across any direction. Regardless of what you cut, it’s always a clean slice and it feels rewarding when being attacked and temporary slow down time to slash your ways through enemies and build your combo meter.

After doing completing the training mode, you’re free to run around the area and slice pretty much anything in the area such as an old abandoned car, crates, barrels, tables, and a giant watermelon because what else would you do with a sword that would cut through almost everything?

In addition to Raiden’s amazing sword his kick is just as good. At the press of a button he will perform a hard kick. Keep pressing the kick and all of a sudden you’d think you’re playing Street Fighter because he has some lightning kicks. Pun intended.

Being a Kojima game, he didn’t waste time with the look of the world either. The graphics are smooth and looks similar to the realistic world you may have seen if you’ve played Metal Gear Solid 4.

Metal Gear Rising is a great game and I’m totally looking forward to playing it early next year.


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I love indie games and watching terrible movies.