E3 2012: Electronic Arts Press Conference Thoughts

Electronic Arts was certainly a showcase. Here are my thoughts.

  • Dead Space 3. Dead Space in the snow… with co-op. But is it scary?The demo is incredibly action oriented and reminded me a lot of Lost Planet. Release is February 2013.
  • Madden NFL 13 has a new physics engine which delivers the “most authentic” gameplay ever in the game. However most of the presentation was spent on the new career mode, which looks pretty cool but secondary to the actual game. More Madden is more Madden though right? This could be the first time in half a decade that I get the game.
  • Sims City Social is a facebook game and it looks like a real game on facebook so that is cool… I guess.
  • In addition to Sim City Social though there is a whole new retail Sim City and it looks phenomenal. The game looks like it has that special ingredient that made the original game so addictive but now with a multiplayer aspect. The multiplayer aspect could really add a new level of strategy to the game and is something I am really looking forward to seeing more of.
  • And on the heels of the success of Activision’s success with Call of Duty Elite, EA announces Battlefield Premium. While I am note surprised by this announcement, it is a non-starter.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting some updated content and now everyone will be able to play up to level 15 for free. This seems like the first step towards the game eventually going free to play.
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks better technically than the last Medal of Honor game but it still looks like generic modern military shooter number 41. First impression is that this is a pass. I am making Tony review this sludge.
  • FIFA 13 has a “revolution of game changing features”, whatever that means. The game looks exceptionally good this year though, a noticeable improvement over 12.
  • UFC now moves to EA Sports. Snore…
  • Criterion brings us Need For Speed: Most Wanted, which looks a ton like a Burnout game. Color me heavily excited for this title, probably more so than Forza: Horizon. It hits this October.
  • Crysis 3 looks pretty but I think FPS fatigue may be setting in for me.

Nothing particularly surprising came out of the Electronic Arts presentation, more surprising was what was not shown. That said, EA seems to have a strong lineup over the next year and there are some games for everyone.


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