Kinecting to Better Health – Week 2

Losing ten pounds in one week is a huge encouragement to keep striving towards the ultimate goal but even losing a little bit of weight is progress right? Unfortunately, that is not entirely the case; with the scale seesawing back and forth this past week I don’t feel I’ve made much progress at all despite the numbers telling me otherwise.

Monday – 21 May

I started out the week at 275.5 pounds and was all set to lose another ten pounds, not that that was even remotely realistic. Food choices were generally healthy, portions were appropriate and I logged in over two hours of exercise for the day with 36 minutes of Dance Central 2 logged.  That is a seemingly good start to the week, right?

Tuesday – 22 May

Another day of fairly proper eating and nearly two and a half hours of exercise and 28 minutes of Dance Central 2 logged.

Wednesday – 23 May

This day started with a weigh in, 274.5 pounds, and followed with a lower calorie intake but no proper meals and less exercise (90 minutes of walking), including a missed day of Dance Central 2. I’ll have to make that time up.

Thursday – 24 May

Lower calorie intake than yesterday but with a proper dinner today, also two hours of exercise including 75 minutes of Dance Central 2.

Friday – 25 May

A weigh in of 271.5 pounds kicks off Friday and that helped me make it through a lunch that could have been very bad being as it was spent at Longhorn Steakhouse for a co-workers birthday. However, I behaved and got something off the “healthy” lunch menu, rainbow trout. The rest of the day went fairly well too but I only managed a little over an hour of exercise with no Kinect interaction.

Saturday – 26 May

I began the holiday weekend with grand plans to get up early and walk quite a bit before the heat hit. I managed to get in an hour and twenty minutes to kick off the day but I followed that with breakfast at the diner. To account for the special breakfast I did an hour of Dance Central 2 and another hour in the afternoon at the park, where it was not too hot. Lunch and dinner were also not a problem.

Sunday – 27 May

The heat was oppressive in the morning and I only managed about an hour walk in the morning before I had to shut it down. Walking in a sauna is not any fun. I followed that up with a 45 minute session of Dance Central 2 and then all hell broke loose, I grilled some food. Everything that was made was generally healthy but I ate way too much of it. The ending weigh in for week 2 (start of week 3), taken Monday morning won’t be pretty.

Week 2 recap:

Ugh… Yep that barbeque was no good for me. Week 2 ending weight is 272.6, a pound up from Friday. I am moving the wrong way and that doesn’t do much to discourage me  from going to the Wendy’s outside my office and getting a Bacon Cheeseburger. It is time to tighten up, eat less and exercise a bit more this week. Maybe I will spice up things by playing some Kinect Sports along with Dance Central 2.

Week 2 Stats:

Starting Weight: 275.5 lbs

Total Walked: 72.35 miles

Total Dance Central 2 played: 4 hours

Ending Weight: 272.6 lbs

Join me next week to check up on my Kinect adventures and my overall challenge progress.


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Chris is the Reviews Editor here at Vagary as well as the co-host of The Perfectly Sane Show and the Movie Dudes podcast.He is long time gamer and film fan that also happens to be full of opinions and a desire to share them with others, even if you don't want to hear them.
  • I think it is great what you are doing Chris 🙂 Keep up the ggod work and don’t get discouraged. You are doing miles around the people still on the couch and then some 😀 I notice you are using runkeeper, any other apps? If you need any suggestions feel free to ask! I have two folders on my phone just dedicated to health apps 😀

  • good* durp.

  • Napoleon1066

    You’re the one on the far left in the photo, right?

  • Chris Scott

    Who? Me or Ashley?

  • Chris Scott

    Two folders? That seems a tad excessive. 🙂

    Right now I am using Runkeeper, because Sean told me to use it to track stuff, and I like it. I’m also using MyPlate to track what I’m eating and how much/long I’m excercising. Seems to be working so far.

  • Ashley Ann

    Haha don’t worry they aren’t all diet and exercise. I have sleep apps and “lady” apps and apps that asses food 😀 You may want to check out slim kicker. I love it! But I love anything that gives me points and levels me up. Haha. It’s like your MyPlate app though so I would probably stick with that. It is cool though because it also gives you challenges which is always pretty neat 😀 Another great app is Shopwell. You tell the app what you want and do not want in your food and next time you are shopping or looking for a snack you scan the barcode and it gives the food a score based on percentage and highlights its negative and positive ingredients. It even recommends other options. 😀
    Best of Luck!

  • Chris Scott

    I might have to try Slim Kicker. It sounds like a real life RPG with healthy side effects.