Kinecting to Better Health – Overview and Week 1

I am a big guy and over the last few years I have become less and less active and more and more sedentary. This has resulted in my ballooning from the 230 lbs I weighed when I played competitive hockey on a regular basis to nearly tipping the scales over 300. I was well on my way to becoming Jabba the Hutt or the guy from Wall-E in his hovering chair. It was unhealthy and I fully knew it but getting the motivation to get in shape is hard, a lot harder than ordering a cheesesteak with double meat and cheese.

However being ultra-competitive, I love a good challenge and when my work put out the call that they were running a walking/weight loss challenge and there would be a cash prize for the person that lost the highest percentage of their weight, I jumped at the opportunity. I had my motivation but I was not going to win by just walking the most on my team. I had to make dietary changes and add other exercises into the mix. I cut soda out completely and started to eat actual portions. The portions were fairly easy to master but because I drank so much of it, the soda was the hardest part and I actually went through a period of withdrawal where I thought I was dying.  Still I needed supplemental exercises to help me on my way and then it hit me. I have a Kinect. I have Dance Central 2. And I could mix my love of gaming into getting in shape.

Obviously this is not an original idea, as soon as the Wii released people were coming up with exercise routines using Wii Sports and I’m sure many people use Kinect to help them get into/stay in shape but none of them have chronicled it on this website yet. Over the next seven weeks I will be chronicling my progress in trying to lose some weight and win the challenge at my office.

I got weighed in at my work and the scale there read 289.4 lbs. on May 10 however being as I won’t have access to that scale again until the end of the challenge, my home scale will have to do. My home scale weighed me a touch lighter at 285.7. Since the competition began on Monday May 14th, I have logged 3 hours in Dance Central 2. At first I had a lot of trouble getting the moves down (on Easy) but as time has progressed I am getting better. Better of course being a relative term as I still suck at the game. Even on easy the game requires quite a bit of its players and after a play session I am always drenched in sweat. As of right now I am happy with my Dance Central 2 supplement but I may try out a couple of my other Kinect games over the next seven weeks.

In addition to the Kinect dancing, I walked 57.15 miles for the first week, a lot of which was walks that I made a conscious decision to go on and I’ve kept portions mostly under control with only one overdose on my calorie intake during the week. It all seems to be working so far as my home scale’s weight reading on Friday May 18th was 275.5 lbs., a 10lb. change.

Week 1 Stats:

Starting Weight: 285.7 lbs

Total Walked: 57.15 miles

Total Dance Central 2 played: 3 hours

Ending Weight: 275.5 lbs.

Join me next week to check up on my Kinect adventures and my overall challenge progress.

I’m not anywhere near this big but I hope I don’t look anything like this while playing Dance Central 2 because that would be embarrassing.


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  • Napoleon1066

    I’m expected YouTube videos of you and Dance Central 2. Make it happen.