Coming to Stores: May 22 Edition

Last week, I was sucked into Civilization 3. I have since removed that wretched game from my computer, so now I can work again. That said, this coming week actually has a few exciting titles. I’ll personally be reviewing Ghost Recon, and we have a few other reviews on the schedule. The 3DS AND Vita both get big first-party releases, so owners of either system should soak them up while they are fresh.. ~ Don

Please note dates are subject to change, and these do not account for digital releases, which can sometimes be as important as retail releases. Don’s personal picks are highlighted in red.


CONTEST! Sorcery or Dragon's Dogman? Hmmmm…


  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PS3 & X360)
  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Dragon’s Dogma (PS3 & X360)
  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Men in Black: Alien Crisis (PS3, X360 and Wii)

Playstation 3 only:

  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Sorcery

The Playstation Move gets incorporated into a lot of games. But rarely does a Move-only game offer more than mini-games (Eyespet) or an on-rails experience (Medieval Moves). Sorcery looks to be a classic tale of a boy with magic. The story actually looks entertaining, and the gameplay looks better than most Move-only titles. Men in Black: Alien Crisis puts you in the shoes of an in-training MIB agent who has to stop the aliens from taking over. Sound familiar? No? Oh, sorry. For shooter fans, it’s finally time to soldier up with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Grab a local fan and head through the campaign split-screen, because you won’t see that option often. With a unique “Gunsmith” feature, the multiplayer also features an intuitive cover-system and a game mode that gives you one life during the match (reminiscent of SOCOM). Lastly this week, we get Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s fantasy-setting RPG. If you bounced from Skyrim to Kingdoms of Amalur and need a new fantasy fix, this game is for you. It looks like a vast world, with plenty of monsters to slay and magic; how can you complain about that mix?


Play dress up as your favorite Nintendo characters!

Nintendo 3DS:

  • Sunday, May 20~ Mario Tennis Open
  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D
  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Men in Black: Alien Crisis

Mario Tennis Open starts the week’s releases off. While the RPG elements have seemingly been removed, you can dress your Mii’s up in Nintendo-style outfits for gameplay bonus’. Another old franchise makes a reappearance- Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D. Designing a rollercoaster park in 3D in the palm of your hands has probably been the dream of every rollercoaster enthusiast to date, and now, it’s happening. Speaking of old franchises, it’s been awhile since a Men in Black movie has come out, but with a new one on it’s way to theaters, it’s only right that we get a game tie-in, right? Men in Black: Alien Crisis is coming to the 3DS, but I didn’t see enough to give me an idea on what exactly it is like on the handheld, so here’s my assumption: Instead of a cool and fun 2D platformer, it is probably the console game (only not as good). That’s just off the top.

Sony Playstation Vita

  • Tuesday, May 22 ~ Resistance: Burning Skies

The Vita finally gets its first multiplayer first person shooter, Resistance: Burning Skies. Offering deathmatch, team deathmatch and survival modes, you’ll be able to compete over Wi-Fi (sorry, no 3G – for obvious reasons). As a fan of the shooter genre and a Vita owner, this is exciting and I can’t wait to check it out to see how it performs in a competitive manner.

 Are you picking up anything this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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Starting out as a founding member of Gamingcore Podcast, Don ventured on to start Gameciety; which began as a podcast, and ended as a blog. Don now handles's PR work, is part of the reviews staff and has various other little projects he does for the site.
  • Lipnox

    Im getting rollercoaster tycoon 3d

  • Awesome! You should let me know what you think! =)

    I played it ages ago on the PC, and am wondering how well it will transition to a much smaller screen.