Beta Registration for Dust 514 Begins

I bet you've never seen an image of armed dudes running around explosions. You're welcome.

Developer CCP has begun accepting registrations for the beta of their upcoming free to play Playstation 3 shooter, Dust 514.

You can register here.

Dust 514 is supposed to let console players fight one another on planets in deep space at the same time that PC players fight, mine, and go about their merry spacey way in EVE Online.

Yes, EVE Online is the crazy persistent online space MMO. How crazy? Well, the game involves player-run corporations with their own deep space mining operations. It’s also worth mentioning that there are some players who are space pirates; oh, and that a group of players began organizing themselves in April 2012 to crash the in-game economy by attacking the economical nerve centre of the galaxy.

The beta will already be under way this week for “select players” of EVE Online and attendees of March 2012’s EVE Fanfest in Iceland, according  to developer CCP.

Check back on Vagary.TV on the week of June 3, 2012, when we’ll have more on Dust 514 when we see it at E3.


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It all started with a 30+ page FAQ on Mechassault back on his high-school lunch breaks. Since then, Kyle has graduated from the award winning journalism program at Humber College and has written for and managed several game editorial/news publications.
  • Really looking forward to this one, not only as an EVE player, but also because I’m an avid MMO fan and can’t wait to see how CCP goes about incorporating the two games together.