What’s Up With Vagary #11

While the Vagary staff is comprised of a large group of like-minded individuals, that group has an eclectic range of tastes. What’s Up With Vagary is a chance for a selection of our staff to fill you in on what is sucking up the majority of their time during the past week.

Chris Coke – Podcast Manager

I’ve been knee deep in A Valley Without Wind this week and I’m likely to continue through the weekend. This is what platformers are about, ladies and gentleman, at least in the post-Minecraft/Terraria world. AVWW is one of those games that is likely to suck you in and keep you playing for weeks at a time — no minor accomplishment for a game that boasts, “[This] is what happens when you try to make a Super Nintendo title today.” It combines procedurally generated environments with expert platforming evocative of Super Metroid and detailed crafting and progression that mixes a little bit of Minecraft with a little bit of Elder Scrolls. Crazy, right? You bet, and bloody fantastic.

Magnus Risebro – Editor

Recently, I decided to break from Fez’s bonkers cryptography and manic note-taking to chill out with some good old Battlefield 3. Upon booting up the game, I noticed the new patch had hit, implementing gameplay tweaks, and far more importantly, the ability to rent EA’s multiplayer servers and set rules yourself. The result? PC-style disorganized fun, available for the first time on a console.

Now, one can barely find official EA servers in the haystack of servers entitled “SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY” and “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, featuring poorly-spelled descriptions with YouTube links and banners covered in barely-covered tits and low-res pictures of the admin’s favorite guns. Frankly, it’s beautiful. The server-renting has also impacted the gameplay, as no-one features unpopular maps and everyone cranks up the amount of jets and helicopters while cranking down their spawn-times. In a time when console games seem to go increasingly in the direction of sterility and controlled multiplayer experience, it’s wonderful to see such a loosening of the leash, in an EA title nonetheless.

Whether The Man soon closes down the party or not, Battlefield 3 has never been better.

Chris Scott – Reviews Editor

Instead of taking this downtime in new game releases to work on clearing up some of my backlog, I instead used the time to watch large amounts of NHL playoff hockey and some international action as well, including the United States overtime win over rival Canada. However, in between games I spent time catching up on both Game of Thrones and The Killing.

After a slow start to the season, The Killing has fully grabbed my attention again. With Detective Linden deciding to stay in Seattle, the investigation into Rosie Larson’s murder can develop at its own pace and so far it has taken some surprising turns. Game of Thrones on the other hand continues to be one of the best shows on television. This season has seen the series take a slightly more liberal adaptation to the novels but so far it has all worked. The more I watch of Game of Thrones, the more I want HBO to adapt Stephen King’s The Dark Tower to the small screen.

  So that is what we have been up to, what about you? Fill us in by dropping us a comment.


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