C2E2 2012: Dystopia Rising – Tabletop RPG

For Tabletop Pen and Paper RPG fans, it’s always exciting to find a new world to delve into. When touching on the subject, fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons are usually the first to come to mind. To anyone that’s played them, they can be an escape from the real world. Players are able to dive head first into a fantasy realm where Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Trolls rule, and lush forests or vast cave systems are to be explored (and imagined) to the hearts content.

Enter Dystopia Rising. Kiss all of your happy spappy memories of your Tabletop Gaming of the past goodbye. This game is dark and foreboding. Zombies can be waiting around any corner to take a bite out of your jugular (or really whatever they can get their mouths on).

The game, set in a future somewhere between two and four generations AFTER the Zombie Apocalypse, is not the RPG of your childhood. From talking to some of the creators of the game at C2E2, they want to bring Pen and Paper RPGs to a whole new level. Their game includes faced paced combat, and encourages strong teamwork in order to survive. If someone decides to be the vigilante and make their own way in the world, they’re only digging their own grave.

While I’ve been reassured that there is plenty of humor to lighten the mood –like the fact that the citizens find it hard to believe that families before the zombies came had an alter in their house where God would tell them the weather and current events– the world is still very gritty and unforgiving. It seems to me like the folks over at Eschaton Media Productions have really done an excellent job of shaping the world and the back-story of Dystopia Rising into something that will continue to be built upon for years to come.

From their side alone, with two source books already available and plans for a whole lot more in the near future, this game has definitely got legs. On top of that, with future fan-made and official campaigns, and live LARPing events scheduled, it would seem that the infection that is Dystopia Rising is spreading at an incredible pace. I truly look forward to giving the game a try myself in the near future, and you can bet you’ll be hearing all about it here at Vagary.

Interested in giving Dystopia Rising a try? Click this link for a list of where to buy the source books or downloadable PDFs.


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