Vita Review: Touch My Katamari

Imagine you have the power to create planets from rolling up countless items into a ball – everything from the smallest gold coin to a Hippopotamus just lazing around at the local zoo, you’d have a lot ahead of you and that is one of the many things I had to deal while playing Touch My Katamari.

The story begins as the King of Cosmos overhears a conversation of the earthlings talking about how no one cares about him. The obvious only way to fix this problem is to take advantage of his son, the Prince to do all the dirty work to restore the world into working order through his eyes to make people like him again.

During each level you are given a little Katamari ball and it is your job to roll as many items as you possibly can to get the desired size Katamari. You do this to not only please your father but the people of the world as well. At the end of each level, the King of Cosmos will analyze your ball and if it fits his standards, he’ll consume it, make weird feminine body gestures and produce a planet from his gut. Every time he does it, I had to smile a little because he just looks so awkward making planets in that fashion.

Touch My Katamari is fairly short and only contains 12 stages. If you’re a master Katamari roller, you will fly right through this game, however for all the treasure hunters there are a few hidden treasures located within each level giving you some additional things to look for while rolling up stop signs and small puppies.

Each level will contain a royal cousin hiding somewhere where you have to run them over to acquire them as well as special items called Curos. The more items collected during a stage, the more the King will be proud of you and give you a higher score. You are definitely going to have to find some during a level because if you don’t you’ll be greeted with the aura of lightning and thunder and the King telling you how much you suck.

Upon completion of a stage, you are given a score between 1-100 and depending on your performance you are given candy, which is used as currency to buy neat items from a legit in-game fashion stylist to purchase clothing for you and the king. I wanted my king to look like a pretty princess so I cloaked him with a white cape and dressed the king to wear a pretty bridal gown.

The humor in the game is great and sometimes in-between levels the king will start rambling that he can prove his ‘coolness’ to the world but he just keeps talking and talking. All the colorful fonts that the text is displayed with was rainbow-filled and jiggling and to be honest, it was a little bit annoying, but I got used to it.

The most interesting part of playing Touch My Katamari was that the the game made very good use of the Playstation Vita’s rear touch panel. By bringing your fingers together or spreading them apart, you were able to morph the Katamari ball to different sizes in order to get hard to reach collectibles while in game.

I found it to be a little hard to balance both moving around using the traditional thumbstick controls and using rear touch controls at the same time. I would have to briefly do one at a time, but it still works very well.

I really enjoyed playing Touch My Katamari with all the cute animations the various kinds of things you can roll up, but I feel like that game could have been much more. The game is too short and the fact that they tossed in a mode where you in a sense, roll till you drop, just wasn’t enough and had me hoping that there was more levels for me to play rather than going back to previously played levels to better my score each time. Hopefully they’ll add additional levels for users to play as DLC sometime down the road to satisfy my appetite to roll the perfect Katamari.


  • Very catchy soundtrack
  • Playing Katamari—style dress up is fun
  • Fun humor


  • Way too short
  • Some levels can be frustrating



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