What’s Up With Vagary #9

While the Vagary staff is comprised of a large group of like-minded individuals, that group has an eclectic range of tastes. What’s Up With Vagary is a chance for a selection of our staff to fill you in on what is sucking up the majority of their time during the past week.

Kyle Baron – Editor in Chief

Starcraft 2 is to me what Call of Duty is to others – a deep game that brings me and my friends together. After experiencing Mass Effect 3, which has a good ending, it was time for me to see just how bad I’d gotten at Starcraft 2 since Mass Effect 3 had me in its clutches for two weeks. The “metagame,” also known as the trending techniques of players, had changed enough that my old spellcaster-focused style was ill suited to the 1 v 1 leagues and this lead to a big losing streak before I wised up and adapted.

Team games are fun, charging into seige tank lines isn't

When I wasn’t adjusting to the unforgiving landscape of 1v1 matches, I was playing with friends night after night with Starcraft 2 on one monitor and a Skype or Steam chat window on the other monitor [with an online-ordered pizza underneath the latter]. Unlike a lot of online shooters, playing in team games with friends on Starcraft 2 requires a ton of communication. Each of my teammates specializing in a different one of the three races available in Starcraft 2, we have to make sure that we’re using our racial strengths to complement our teammates. Mike, my Terran buddy, would grab cheap marines so that he could build siege tanks for long range artillery. Dat or Craig, my Protoss buddies, would grab a solid ground army that would allow me, being the quick insect-like Zerg to snag a highly mobile airforce to cripple the enemy’s economy. Because team games depend so much on every teammate working together so cohesively, it makes losses that much more crushing and victories all the more triumphant. I know Diablo 3 is coming out soon, but I really can’t wait for Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm

 Don Parsons – Publisher Relations Liaison and Review Staff

 This week has been an odd week for me. There are so many games to play but, I spent most of my time playing the one I liked the least. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational isn’t a bad game, by any means, quite the opposite actually, but after reviewing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and loving it, it was hard to move to a more casual take on a sport with which I already have a weird relationship. I would continually curse about the sub-par comparisons, yet, I couldn’t put it down. Anytime I turned on my Vita, I was playing Hot Shots, and that was quite often.

Outside of the other PS3 titles I played (Birds of Steel, Ridge Racer: Unbounded, I Am Alive and Battlefield 3), I’ve almost finished my second viewing of season 7 of The Office. It’s been a LONG time since I have found a sitcom that I have fallen in love with but, The Office ranks right up there with (you guessed it) Friends. Jim and Pam are probably the best TV couple I have ever seen. The chemistry between them is unrivaled. I really have no idea what will entertain me after I finish my second round of this show.

Khristopher Reardon – News & Review Staff

I recently went to the lone remaining local arcade with some friends. It’s been awhile since treading into the arcade for me so there was a lot of new stuff there I hadn’t seen before.

Most remarkably there was this game called Deadstorm Pirates, it’s a sit down cabinet with two tripod style guns and a steering wheel. We originally went into this game because there were three of us, so two of us took the guns and the other one took the steering wheel. We had a blast, we played through the entire game and honestly it’s one of the most enjoyable arcade experiences I’ve ever had. Everything from the team up attacks where both guns are firing on the same target for additional damage, to my girlfriends frantic yelling whenever she had to steer, it was all just awesome and fun.

Another game we played was Pac Man VS. I’m an obsessed Pac Man freak since Championship DX came out, so whenever I spot a Pac Man game now I have to play it. This was a little slower than I thought it was going to be but, it was a lot of fun chasing after friends after eating the power pellets or running away and trying to get all the pellets, etc.

Both of these games were made by Namco. I’m glad Namco is still in the arcade business, they really know how to make good social game experiences for the arcade.

  So that is what we have been up to, what about you? Fill us in by dropping us a comment.


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