Journey co-op: Best friends for life with a stranger

Spoiler Warning:  This article and the accompanying audio interview both reveal major plot points and story elements. If you haven’t played Journey, I strongly recommend you hold off on giving this feature a look until you’ve completed the game. Feel free to read the spoiler free interview with Journey’s creative director, Jenova Chen.


VagaryTV interview: Journey co-op, best friends for life with a stranger by Kyle Baron on Mixcloud

We begin life not knowing anything. We may or may or may not meet important people throughout our struggles and triumphs, and then we die. Those are the paraphrased words of developer Thatgamecompany’s creative director, Jenova Chen, when he was describing his game, Journey.

I played through the entire adventure of Journey in one sitting, alongside a complete stranger that I met early on in the game. I was only given the name of the person I was playing with at the end of our game together, so I thought it would be interesting to track that person down and talk about our oddly sentimental time together. There are many major reveals of plot and gameplay moments so, if you haven’t already played and finished the game, I insist that you do so before listening to this interview. For everyone else, please enjoy.



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It all started with a 30+ page FAQ on Mechassault back on his high-school lunch breaks. Since then, Kyle has graduated from the award winning journalism program at Humber College and has written for and managed several game editorial/news publications.
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the interview. It was interesting to see what each of you took away from spending time together in Journey. I ended up playing with around 6 different people. I played the last half of the game with the same person so I understand where you are coming from with forming a connection through the shared experience; especially when huddled together during the blizzard at the end.

  • Chulonyc

    Its amazing the type of bond you feel playing alongside another player in this game. We would even talk to eachother in our own little way with bursts of ligjt.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    @Chulonyc: It’s so true! After a while, it was clear to me that certain patterns of pips meant certain things. I’m glad you had the same experience.

    @Anonymous: That end section tore me apart, which really speaks to the power of that experience. I can’t imagine playing it with six different people. Do you feel that sort of fragmented the emotional impact of the game on you?

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  • Altasangen

    Can’t hear the other person that you’re interviewing

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