What’s Up With Vagary #6

While the Vagary staff is comprised of a large group of like-minded individuals, that group has an eclectic range of tastes. What’s Up With Vagary is a chance for a selection of our staff to fill you in on what is sucking up the majority of their time during the past week.

Tony Odett – Reviews Team

The flavor of this week is the conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy. I adored the first two entries in the series, and am excited to take my Shepard to the conclusion of his story (whatever that may be). I think the thing that strikes me, immediately, is the quality of the shooting. I remarked to Don Parsons that it’s better than Uncharted 3. He said the comparison was unfair, to which I agreed. Uncharted 3’s a shooter, and should have infinitely better shooting. The gun battles are fast and furious, and Shepard moves through the environment better than ever before. I’m really enjoying this one, and look forward to playing more.

I also broke out MLB 12: The Show. My return to the baseball series has so far proven pretty frustrating. The biggest problem is that the hitting is so realistic. Facing a 90 MPH fastball in a year is a difficult prospect, my timing is off, and I strike out a lot. I am a huge fan of baseball RPG (i.e. Road to the Show mode) and for the first time in a while, I’m playing as a field position player. It’s a nice change from my normal spot (at pitcher), but also much more difficult. Not having the AI’s “unique fielding abilities” affecting my stats is a nice change, but being a constant strike out victim is an unfortunate side effect.

I also finally have Season One of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray. That should be this weekend. I adored the books, but I have yet to see the show. EXCITEMENT.

Jason Ericson – Podcaster

I had spring break this week, which for me became The Week of Games. First, I finally cracked open Deus Ex: Human Revolution and gave it a whirl. I wasn’t expecting much, but it surprised me. I mean sure, the story sucks and the characters suck and the writing sucks and the acting sucks and the animation sucks and pretty much everything except the gameplay itself sucks, BUT the gameplay is good enough that it makes up for everything. It really takes the idea of “play however you want” and runs with it. There are so many ways to complete each mission that once I got into the groove of it, I found myself able to tailor the game exactly to my liking (using stealth and conversations to get me through things, but killing when necessary). We’ll see how the rest of it pans out.

Beyond that, I played…it. THE game. Mass Effect 3, the long-awaited conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy, and it exceeded my expectations in nearly every single way…until the last 5 minutes. It’s hard to overstate what a shock to the system that ending was. I had just poured 30 hours of my life into what I consider a near-perfect game, on top of the 60 or so hours I had already invested in the story, characters, and world beforehand. I loved seeing the characters again, watching the relationships pan out, seeing the far-reaching consequences of my decisions, mesmerized at the sheer volume of amazing content Bioware managed to pump into this game. I knew it would be hard to see it go, but I was ready to see that epic, satisfying conclusion. And without spoiling anything…I did not get that. Not even close. In a word, it sucked. I’ve seen a lot of backlash from fans already; I’ll be interested to see if that dissent grows as more people finish the game.

Royel Edwards – News & Reviews Team

This week has been really hectic but I managed to get a few hours of gaming done (finally). The two games I’ve been playing this week are Mass Effect 3 and Journey. So far, those games are really amazing and are definitely worth checking out!

I need to squeeze a few more playthroughs with Journey but I’ll go more in detail for my review. As for Mass Effect 3, I am totally enjoying the game. It’s my first time playing the series and I feel like I’m missing a lot so I will definitely have to go back to play the first and second games even though Kyle (EIC) already let me borrow Mass Effect 2.

In the meantime, I hope to get my hands on Street Fighter X Tekken on Monday so I can play with the lovely Poison!

So that is what we have been up to, what about you? Fill us in by dropping us a comment.


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