Valve rumored to be working on new console

Seems like Valve might make some waves in San Francisco as rumors of a console announcement at GDC from the Steam company run rampant.

Game news sites are going nuts after a recent article released on The Verge suggested that Valve was working on a console which would compete with the PS3, Xbox360 and even Apples iplatforms.

The specs of what has been dubbed The Steam Box are rumored to include a core i7 CPU, 8MB RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU. Apparently the device is supposed to be able to run any standard PC games and even run other video game download platforms like Origin.

The biggest news is for developers though, as the new console will have no defined development kit and no costs associated with licensing games for the platform.

If this is true than this will be a blockbuster assault on the downloadable software platforms on both the PS3 and the Xbox360. Those platforms have been highly criticized by developers for being too costly to update and patch games after release.

Tim Schafer recently told that he thinks there will be an exodus of developers from PSN and XBLA to more open platforms.

If the new Steam Box is for real, that could be the go to for smaller developers who want to remain in the living room while maintaining the ability to continuously update or patch games post release without having to pony up big bucks they may not have.


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Khristopher is a well-to-do journalist with a video game addiction and a knack for writing. He's been playing video games for over two decades and gets a little bit itchy whenever he sees something new which tickles his fancy.
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    I was saving up for a new gaming PC. Yeah… I think I’ll get this instead.