Quick Attack: Binary Domain

Quick Attack is where Vagary takes a look at a game we are working on for review and give you, the reader, a small taste of what we are experiencing. Think of it as a bullet-point preview with a review to follow.

Today, I played the first 90 or so minutes of cover-based, morality-based shooter Binary Domain on the Xbox 360. Below are my impressions.

  • The story, while having a certain Metal Gear Solid-esque melodrama to it, seems far above what one finds in the average shooter. Judging by the relatively short time I played, it seems the classic philosophical theme of “Are sentient robots alive?/What is humanity?” will play a major role.
  • The shooting is solid, but pretty standard fare. For a game as fantastical as this, the player character takes damage surprisingly quickly. Sticking to cover is important. The robot enemies take a few too many rounds to kill, but this issue may be helped as I upgrade my guns. There are kiosks in the levels, which allow you to buy supplies and increase weapon stats.
  • The squad-commands were actually useful, contrary to my expectations.
  • The game is heavy on interaction with your squadmates. So far, I have only one companion, a robust black dude with an attitude and a light machine gun to match. Interestingly, nearly all of the interaction can be done with a microphone during in-combat commands and casual chats. Though the list of recognized words is long (it includes the F-bomb, to my pleasure), the voice recognition is quite patchy, which led to several comical miscommunications; specifically, “help” was recognized as “nope” and “yes” as “cheers.”  In order to get it working at all, you have to take a recognition test to give the game references for what your voice sounds like. Oddly, the game recognized me best when I was using a British accent, so pro tip: Put on your thickest cockney.

In conclusion: I enjoyed my time with Binary Domain. It seems to have a substantial, slow-building plot, something I’m always a fan of, and this can redeem the game completely, even if the shooting is merely decent. The NPC interaction is also promising. Expect a full review soon.


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Magnus Risebro lives deep in the bowels of Norway. He writes about videogames for Vagary.tv.