Street Fighter X Tekken hits the Vita this Fall with 12 extra characters

Capcom has announced that this fall, in relation to their Street Fighter 25th Anniversary celebration, they would be bringing the upcoming fighter to the Playstation Vita this fall.

The good part of the deal is that you’ll be getting your hands on 12 additional characters which include Elena, Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley and Blanka from the Street Fighter universe and Alisa, Christie, Jack, Brian, Lars and Lei from the Tekken universe.

What this says to me about the console version of the game releasing on the 6th of March in North America and the 9th in Europe, is that those 12 characters will most likely end up becoming DLC. Knowing Capcom, you may have to break out your wallets if you want to be any of said characters. It’s either that, or Capcom may release Super Street Fighter X Tekken or Ultimate Street Fighter X Tekken.

Capcom also stated that the fighter crossover will be hitting the on May 11th with no release day for the Vita version.


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