DLC Review: Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar Battle

Note: This material was provided by Square-Enix for review purposes. 

“Come forth, brave protector of Valhalla- incarnation of Etro’s champion!” ~ Arbiter of Time

It was a little off-putting that Lightning, the main protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII, was not a playable character in the sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2. She’s in the opening scene, you hear her voice throughout the game and she’s even on the box-art and title screen. Her younger sister, Serah, does a decent job at filling the role of a main protagonist, but Lightning has been one of the best designed characters through-and-through that I have seen in a Final Fantasy game in quite some time. Well, Square-Enix has remedied this situation with it’s first piece of DLC; the Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar coliseum battle.

Costing a mere $2.99 US on the Playstation Store, you’ll unlock a new area with the battle coliseum as soon as the Historia Crux is loaded up. Once the battle is selected, a short cut-scene between Lightning and your party is shown. I did this battle after completing the game, and had a very strong party. While not challenging at this point, one can appreciate the battle itself for the tactics you can use. Amodar shows up after a brief “mini-battle”, which is when the real fun begins.


Lightning and Amodar switch up classes in the same manner your own team does, with a few varieties. I make use of Saboteurs in the beginning of battle, so if they switched and had Lightning in a Medic role, all my work to cause ailments on them had little payoff. So even though the battle was not a challenge, different scenarios made it a little more fresh each time you fight the duo.

“Why would I fight them more than once,” you ask? Both Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar can be recruited and used in your party. The percentage for capture is very limited, mind you, so even though I five-starred all dozen or so fights against them, I only received Lightning in my last battle. Lightning only makes use of the Ravager role and Amodar is a strict Commando role. As I said, I only got Lightning, but once leveled up, she was comparable to the Ravager I usually used, though her Feral Link attack didn’t seem as powerful. I can’t say much about Amodar.

The rewards are decent for such a quick match. 2,000 CP, and 3,000 Gil (that varies on skills; I have a Gilfinder ability that ups the gil received) for a 4 minute match is pretty nice, and the fact it requires a few Paradigm shifts for excitement is a bonus.

Bargain DLC on a regular basis is a great way to add bits of content to a game, and Square-Enix is setting a fine example on how to add post-launch content to an RPG. Another coliseum battle is planned for next month, and a whole chunk of story is also slated for the future. But for now, if you’re looking for a small- but-quality addition to Final Fantasy XIII-2, this is a very worthy purchase.


  • value-priced; it’s hard to beat $3
  • Lightning now plays a small role in your party if you want


  • capture rate is incredibly low, even if you five-star the fight
  • first coliseum DLC could have been free to new purchases

Score: 4/5


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  • Chris Troll

    $3 for 25 minutes worth of content. Yeah… that seems worth it.