Coming to Stores: February 21st Edition

While last week was the “OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE VITA” release date for the early-early adopters, this week marks the official release of the Playstation Vita. Anytime new hardware is involved, if you are a hardcore nerd like me, it’s hard NOT to get excited. February is half over with, and March has more games packed in it than the next quarter all together, so saving your money is some seriously-good advice. But, in the event that you just REALLY need to have something new, here’s a look at what hits store shelves this week. ~ Don

Don’s personal picks are highlighted in red.


X360 owners can now take an on-rails tour of Afghanistan, too


  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ Asura’s Wrath (PS3 & X360)
  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ Outdoors Unlimited (PS3, X360 & Wii)
  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ Syndicate (PS3 & X360)

X360 only:

  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (read our PS3 review here)
  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ Sledge Hammer

Hunting, fishing, war, demons, racing, and hackers. What do they have in common? This week’s console releases, that’s what they have in common. Asura’s Wrath is an episodic-action game where you play a very angry looking man that looks like he is ripped straight out of an anime movie. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, previously released (and reviewed) on the Playstation 3, makes its X360 debut. And Syndicate, an unusual reboot from a strategy game into a shooter, is this week’s pick of the week. There was plenty of good buzz about the co-op demo, so hopefully that carries over into the full game.


You know you want to……… 😉

Nintendo (3)DS:

  • Tuesday, February 14 ~ Fractured Soul: Deep Void (DS & 3DS)
  • Tuesday, February 14 ~ Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS)

Metal Gear Solid fans, rejoice; the Playstation 2 game Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater gets the 3D treatment. No doubt giving you a 3D cinematic experience that only a Metal Gear Solid game can deliver, you’ll (probably) also get to experience sneaking around under a box in a third-and-new dimension. If platforming is your thing, traverse 20 stages in the dual-availability Fractured Soul: Deep Void in 3D or 2D. It’s all about options, people.

Sony Playstation Vita

  • Tuesday, February 14 ~ Shinobi 2: Revenge of Zen
  • Wednesday, February 15 ~ Army Corps of Hell
  • Wednesday, February 15 ~ Dynasty Warriors Next
  • Wednesday, February 15 ~ Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
  • Wednesday, February 15 ~ Touch my Katamari

The Vita officially launches, and while most of the biggest games are already on store shelves, a few very notable ones hit this week. Square-Enix brings an interesting RTS hybrid, Army Corps of Hell. Ninja fans get two games, Shinobi 2: Revenge of Zen and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and even those of us that are into the quirky Katamari series get a load of ball-rolling fun with “Best Perverted Title of the Year”, Touch my Katamari. (Editor’s Note: Touch my Katamari is Don’s personal game of the year)



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