Just In Bailey: To Remake or Not to Remake

Remakes are all the rage these days.  With the advances in technology, developers have sought to bring updated visuals, and sometimes even complete overhauls, to a lot of the classics.  And let’s be honest, the publishers love the idea of simple graphical updates that they can charge full freight for.  With collections like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, gamers can relive some great game moments or experience them for the first time.  There is one game, however, that has eluded the remake treatment so far.  There have been rumors and talk and speculation.  Hopes have been built up and dashed, then rebuilt and dashed some more.  That game is Final Fantasy VII.

Gamers have begged Square-Enix for a remake for years.  Square-Enix even went so far as to show off the PS3 with a tech demo of FFVII.  The demo showed off some crazy updated visuals.  Then they came out with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.  The movie was completely CG and gave gamers hope that a remake of the game could happen.  My question is this: is a remake of this RPG classic necessary? Regardless of necessity, should the game be remade?

Let’s look at what the upside of a remake would be.  If Advent Children is any indication, the game would look gorgeous.  The action sequences would be totally bad ass.  Even the soundtrack would get the royal treatment.  Instead of a gazillion lines of text to trudge through, the characters would benefit from a touch of voice acting.  On a minor note, there wouldn’t be any disc-swapping either with the increased storage space of blu-ray discs.  The reception for the game, that would be something else.  If Square-Enix really wanted to get back in the good graces of their fans, a remake of FFVII would, for all intents and purposes, heal any wounds incurred in the recent years.

While a remake of Final Fantasy VII would indeed be an awesome notion, there are good reasons to let the game be.  The original FFVII was hailed as a technological marvel during its time.  The graphics were unlike anything anybody had ever seen.  Great graphics this day and age are almost mandatory.  A remake of FFVII would have to go above and beyond anything gamers have seen before.  And let’s be honest, the story for FFVII made almost no sense when it was first released and makes just as little sense now.  Awesome graphics and a great soundtrack mean very little when the story is hard to understand.  Even the gameplay runs the risk of feeling outdated.  Random encounters are practically a thing of the past, or have at least been made manageable by games like Final Fantasy XIII-2.  A remake of a game of this magnitude would be a tough endeavor.

Which leads me to my own opinion.  As cool as updated graphics would be on FFVII, I don’t think a remake should be done.  Again, the story still doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t really hold up well.  I also think that many fans would be left disappointed.  The expectations for a remake would be impossibly high.  It could also ruin the mystique of the original game.  There is a reason that FFVII is seen as a classic and to remake that could destroy everything fans hold dear.  It would be a dangerous undertaking. When something is a classic, let it stay a classic.

Just In Bailey – a homage to the secret code from Metroid, which allowed you to play as Samus Aran without her suit– is an editorial column at Vagary.TV brought to you by Joey Alesia. Each week Joey will challenge you to look at a different perspective of the characters, gameplay, and/or plot in your favorite games. Chat up your thoughts below, or send Joey an e-mail at Joey.Alesia@vagary.tv and remember to follow him on Twitter @wrkngclsswrtr.


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Joey's adventure into the realm of video games began at 3 when Nintendo first hit the West. He grew up a Nintendo fan and ended up branching out to Playstation when FF7 hit and XBox when Oblivion hit the 360. He's not huge on first person shooters or sports games but definitely enjoys a good RPG or survival horror game. His all-time favorite series is definitely The Legend of Zelda, followed extremely closely by Metal Gear. Joey has a firm belief that games should be treated with respect when they are made and that the classics should never be overlooked.
  • I agree that it doesn’t need to be done, but I would still love to play it.