Tim Schafer rolls up a million dollars within 24 hours

photo by Fred Seibert

Tim Schafer ladies and gentlemen.

Tim Schafer has more than enough money to make a point-and-click adventure, thanks to generous people and kickstarter.com.

Only a day or two after Markus ‘Notch’ Persson made a generous offer to  fund development for a Psychonauts sequel, news broke that Schafer was starting fundraising on kickstarter.com for his next project.

The deal was that Schafer would make a point-and-click adventure game if he could round up $400,000 in donations within a 33-day period. Well, things went way better than expected.

Donations poured in and within 24 hours (well short of 33 days) Schafer raised a million dollars to make his game.

It’s worth noting that the indelible Psychonauts creator was also co-designer in the earlier Monkey Island games and Day of the Tentacle, both of which are seen as classics in the point and click adventure genre.

Kickstarter.com is a website that allows people to setup a donation service for people who are looking to start a project, charity or new company.

Recently it’s been hailed as a way to democratize game development. Gamers can vote for which games they want to see developed by funding them directly through the site.

Schafer has been critical about the industry in discussions of how publishers are afraid of taking risks. If they won’t take risks, hopefully they are at least taking notes as $1 million dollars in a single day represents a lot of gamers money which is devoted to a project no one seems to really know anything about yet outside of the team Schafer has selected to develop it.

This point-and-click adventure is slated for PC and will be on Steam. It’s targeted for October.

The game will be developed over six-to-eight months and people who’ve donated $15 or more will get access to an early beta, an ongoing documentary and a private discussion forum.


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