Notch wants to fund Psychonauts 2

Notch wants you to dust off your goggles

Markus “Notch” Persson, the creative mind behind Minecraft, wants a sequel to Psychonauts 2 and he’s willing to throw money at Tim Schafer, designer behind Psychonauts, to get ‘er done.

“Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen,” Persson tweeted to Schafer.

Fans of the game immediately started speculating on the possibility of a sequel with backing by Notch himself.

When Schafer awoke to messages directing him to check his Twitter feed he logged on and after finding the messages the two decided to take it off Twitter and discuss the matter through email.

Schafer reportedly told Kotaku through email that a Psychonauts 2 funded by Notch, “Could happen!” Schafer also mentioned that he’s found funding for projects through Twitter before.

Double Fine accepted money over Twitter from Steven Dengler, founder of, who helped financially to port the first Psychonauts to the Mac.

A huge fan of Double Fine’s, Dengler tweeted to urge the two to speak off of the twitterverse today.

For those not in the know, Psychonauts was a critical darling when it was released in 2005 but ultimately the game failed to meet sales expectations.

Since then, the game has gotten a cult following and been ported to many additional platforms.

It’s no secret that Schafer has wanted to make a sequel to the critically praised Psychonauts as he’s mentioned it many times in the past.

Now fans can only wait and see.

The company has said, “Tim and Markus are talking,” in a statement to Patrick Klepek from Giantbomb. “Who knows what might happen?”

Persson is trying to keep peoples expectations in check, tweeting, “Anyway, please don’t get your hopes too high yet. Everything is extremely vague!”


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