Dungeon Defender DLC blazes onto PC but leaves consoles burned

New DLC for Dungeon Defenders gives PC players a new character class and new levels to play around with, but players who’ve purchased the game on Live or PSN are told this content isn’t coming to consoles.

Trendy Entertainments majorly successful tower defense game introduces the Barbarian and the Assault Mission Pack to the land of Etheria.

The Barbarian pack comes with a price tag of $2.99 and adds the characters to the current roster allowing players to revel in waves of blood as he carves opponents to bit with his dual wielded weapons and his battle stances, which replace his ability to build towers.

The Assault Mission Pack offers three new assault missions, a new map and a new unicorn familiar for players who are willing to shell $1.99 for the DLC.

Now for the bad news, this DLC is not going to be for people who’ve purchased the games from Xbox Live or PSN , in fact, much of the future planned DLC is not coming to console platforms.

In a Jan. 25 news post by Philip Asher (AKA pmasher), Marketing Director for Trendy Entertainment, on the Dungeon Defenders home site, Asher broke the news to console owners that a lot of released PC-content won’t be washing up on PSN or Live, now or ever.

This erupts from a forum post by Asher that states, “After much thought and investigation, we’ve decided it’s unfeasible from both a technical and business standpoint to bring the PC-only content (Holiday DLC, New Heroes Pack, Barbarian, Assault Mission Pack, Nightmare Mode, etc.) to the console versions.”

He states how sorry the company is about the situation adding that this problem is due mainly to the patching framework on consoles.

Trendy is still releasing Parts 1 to 4 of the Lost Eternia Shards packs along with the items in those packs. The company also wants bring the weapons and pets that have come in updates for it’s PC version to the console version but they say that the small amount of RAM inside of consoles limits what they can add to the PSN and Live versions.

The first big patch for consoles was due to hit in January but it hasn’t arrived yet. It’s still in the pipeline and is supposed to address some bug-fixes and balancing changes. A street date for the patch isn’t clear at this time.

Trendy Entertainment has sold over 600-thousand units of Dungeon Defenders since its launch in mid-October.


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  • Don Parsons

    That’s disgusting. They made all these grand plans and are backing out. I understand the business logistics, but they should have thought about all of that before saying, “OMG GUYZ LOTS OF DLC COMING I SWEARZIEZ!”. -.- *I’M* done with the game, DLC or not, but my wife and her best-friend (a few personal examples* would play new content religiously.

    Oh well. Another dev leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

  • I play mostly on PC when I get the chance, so YAY!

    hehe..but I do have the PS3 version as well and it does make me sad that they are looking over the console ports, especially for those that play only on a console.