Retrocore Classic Game Music #51 “Another Super Sonic Special”

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Sonic the Hedgehog music means a lot to yours truly and will always be played on this show. It holds a special place in my heart and I thank it for getting me into game music in the first place. Why if it wasn’t for this music I probably wouldn’t even be doing this show! On today’s show I got a hold of some of the demo tracks to Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 and decided to share with you all! I played the demo track first followed by the Sega Genesis version. Thanks again to Donald Cole for letting me know about this awesome collection!

Green Hill Zone – Demo Version
Green Hill Zone – Genesis
Marble Zone – Demo Version
Marble Zone – Genesis
Spring Yard Zone – Demo Version
Spring Yard Zone – Genesis
Labyrinth Zone – Demo Version
Labyrinth Zone – Genesis
Star Light Zone – Demo Version
Star Light Zone – Genesis
Scrap Brain Zone – Demo Version
Scrap Brain Zone – Genesis
Final Zone – Demo Version
Final Zone – Genesis
All Clear – Demo Version
All Clear – Genesis
Emerald Hill Zone – Demo Version
Emerald Hill Zone – Genesis
Chemical Plant Zone – Demo Version
Chemical Plant Zone – Genesis
Aquatic Ruin Zone – Demo Version
Aquatic Ruin Zone – Genesis
Casino Night Zone – Demo Version
Casino Night Zone – Genesis
Hill Top Zone – Demo Version
Hill Top Zone – Genesis
Mystic Cave Zone – Demo Version
Mystic Cave Zone – Genesis
Oil Ocean Zone – Demo Version
Oil Ocean Zone – Genesis
Metropolis Zone – Demo Version
Metropolis Zone – Genesis
Sky Chase Zone – Demo Version
Sky Chase Zone – Genesis
Wing Fortress Zone – Demo Version
Wing Fortress Zone – Genesis
Death Egg Zone Boss – Demo Version
Death Egg Zone Boss – Genesis
All Clear – Demo Version
All Clear – Genesis

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