Battlefield 1943 free for PS3 owners

This is what $15 looked like in 2009. Now it's free.

Be happy if you bought or redeemed on online pass for your Playstation 3 copy of Battlefield 3.

The outstanding little package of 2009’s downloadable Battlefield 1943 is now free for anyone with an online pass for a Playstation 3 copy of Battlefield 3.

There were promises made at E3 2011 that all PS3 copies of Battlefield 3 would include the stand alone downloadable predecessor. There was a bit of a PR mess after users found 1943 missing from their game cases, with publisher Electronic Arts saying that “In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.” That didn’t go over well, as a lawsuit was later filed against EA. Within a matter of months, the publisher announced that Playstation 3 users with online passes for Battlefield 3 would receive their free game.

As of this writing, the free copy of 1943 is available on the North American and European stores, with Asia and Japan being eligible for the code redemption on Dec 17 2011.

There are still a few steps you have to take in order to get your code, and EA details them here.

From EA’s site:

1. Activate your Battlefield 3 Online Pass for the PlayStation 3 using the voucher included in the game (see step #5 for additional instructions).

2. Visit on or after the dates outlined above for your region and log in with your Origin ID and password. Click here if you need help with retrieving your account information.

3. Select your territory. Note vouchers do not work across regions. Players in Australia and New Zealand should select Europe.

4. You will then receive a PlayStation 3 voucher for Battlefield 1943.

5. input your voucher into the PlayStation Network store. Instructions below.

    1. From the XMB (cross media-bar) of the PlayStation 3 connected to a network, choose [account management] under the [PlayStation Network].
    2. From the menu select redeem codes.
    3. Enter voucher and select continue.
    4. Download Battlefield 1943.

I found it to be easy. If you haven’t already, I recommend creating an account on using the option to register with your PSN ID. At that point, you log on with your usual PSN credentials and it will automatically recognize many of the EA games you’ve played, Battlefield 3 included. Then you just hit up the 1943 redemption site to snag your code.


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