Vagrant Gamers #1 – Pilot!

Welcome to the first ever Official Vagary.TV Podcast: Vagrant Gamers

This week I’m joined by Kyle Baron and Don Parsons. Our topics of conversation included:

  • Who We Are
  • What We’re Playing
  • News of the Week – Steam Hacking, Skyrim, TOR Beta, MW3, and More!
  • Some Current Articles to Check Out
  • And of Course, Random Side Tangents
Theme Music by our very own Magnus Risebro
Intro Skit by a couple goofy friends of mine: Jay Jay and Zusker. (Look for more skits by these two –featuring yours truly– further down the road)
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Listen here for now:

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Jeremy is the Managing Editor for Vagary.TV. He has been gaming since the days of the NES and has no desire to stop anytime soon. He's also a veteran Blogger and Podcaster. When he's not writing, recording, or playing games, he loves spending time with his wife and son, reading, and watching a good movie or TV show.
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  • Good news everyone, we’re now on iTunes!

  • Great first episode guys! Really enjoyed Don and Kyle and now I know to whom I should send my hate mail. Thanks! 😉 lol
    Skyrim is amazing, there is so much to see in that game, I’m playing with no instant traveling at all, so hoofing it everywhere, I’ve logged in about 30 some hours and I’m only level 13. But I’ve seen a lot and keep finding these awesome little nooks with beautiful scenery and interesting areas the world artists created. It really is a gem in that sense, too bad it still crashes and has occlusion, but that’s why I got it on PC, so it can be fixed with mods later. 🙂

    HA! I also feel the need to gloat a bit, I was really sad last year when Jeremy went off to get Rifted and I was still waiting on TOR. Weeeeeelllll now… Isn’t this interesting? I’m actually really happy you’re enjoying it so much, I could not put this thing down, FFXIV is unfortunately in danger of getting eclipsed by this game. Also it comes out day before my birthday, happy b-day to me!! Watch I’ll probably be working both those days… /sigh.