XBLA/PSN Review: Burger Time World Tour

For those that played the original way back in the day, or for anyone who loves a challenging game that will put your reflexes and nerves to the test – Burger Time World Tour is calling you.  World Tour is a refreshing reimagination; you will still be dashing through multi-platform levels jumping and waiting for the right moments to assemble your burgers and move on through the game.  The new levels are designed in a cylindrical layout, which makes the game visually appealing but considerably more frustrating (read: challenging).  The first play through on any given level will not likely yield any amazing high scores or five star ratings;  in order to achieve that, one will need to play each level a few times to get a feel for the patterns and locations of burgers.  Depending on a player’s motivation level, this may lead to many more hours of game time, or frustration that has one just throwing in the towel and pressing on.

For those completely new to Burger Time, the general concept is to run through stages and over the various burger ingredients, which then drop down to the next level.  The end goal is to assemble the burger by running across each ingredient, all the while dodging angry mobile ingredients like jumping pickles, spiraling carrots, stinky cheese and exploding habaneros.  A unique feature to World Tour is the ability to squash these vengeful veggies in between layers of the burger to create unique burgers, for instance if you crush a habanero in a burger you will create the “Southwestern Burger”.  This gives the player more points and comes in handy during boss fights.  The concept of the specialized burgers is very cool, but I couldn’t help but feeling they could have done a little more.  From what I saw there were only a handful of unique burger combinations, and visually (aside from the Southwestern Burger’s flames) – the end results don’t look much different than a normal burger.

There are four different “worlds”; each is inhabited by a rival burger chef and their oversized, blood thirsty, burger eating monsters at the end of each world.  The game starts in America and makes its way through Paris, Mexico and Japan.  Each world introduces new ingredients and changes up the appearance of the ingredients, for example you will see mime peppers in France or sombrero wearing peppers in Mexico.  When it comes to the end of each world there is a boss fighter where you defeat the boss by assembling burgers, which cause damage when consumed (remember the Southwestern Burger?). The boss will be trying to kill you as you build burgers by shooting lazer guided missiles and smashing at the stage, amongst some other techniques.

Burger Time also offers multiplayer options, both online and split screen.  It plays relatively the same as single player except you will compete for scores.  When I played with my wife, she would stand at the bottom and finish assembling the burgers to try to steal points.  Eventually I realized I could just smash her in the burger as she ran through.

Overall, while frustrating at times; Burger Time is a very fun and challenging game.  The quirky cut scenes and enemies keep you just entertained enough to not smash your controller when you get killed by that pickle you didn’t see coming down the ladder at the same time you were trying to go up it.

Pros: Fun, easy learning curve, good multiplayer value
Cons: Confusing spiraling levels at first

4* out of 5


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  • Don Parsons

    Haha! Love the review, particularly the comment about smashing your wife. Fantastic.

  • Seeing this game at the end of a long day at E3 was friggin’ awesome. I enjoy the concept of using protein-rich sandwiches to defeat my enemies.