Hardware Review: GameCom 777 Headset [PC]

Affordable without sacrificing quality is Plantronics’ motto when discussing the GameCom 777. These headphones are impressive at their fairly low price point of $59.99. Offering 7.1 surround sound, volume controls, and comfortable cloth ear muffs, these headphones strive for your attention.

The design of the GameCom 777 is very sleek. At a glance everything just seems to fit together, including the microphone boom that has a compartment carved out of the headset for it to sit in when not in use. The cord itself is reinforced and pretty sturdy. Attached to the sturdy cable are the volume controls and two .35mm jacks sit at the tips for the headphones and the microphone. The headset also comes with a Dolby 7.1 Sound Card that is capable of delivering 7.1 surround sound to the headphones while playing your favorite game.

Being a gamer, this gives you a lot of advantages when playing first-person shooters or just getting a more immersive experience. I recall playing Rage while testing these headphones and hearing screams and shrieks from mutants in different directions, giving me an elevated sense of what was going on and the danger I was in. Regular speakers or ordinary headphone could not provide that. The downside, however, is that by having an attached USB sound card it can be a bit fragile if you take it anywhere with you as you lose the 7.1 surround sound without the card.

The volume controls attached to the cable line offer a nice flat square surface that houses the circular scroll wheel that adjusts the volume. On the scroll wheel, there are roman numerals that dictate what level the volume is set as well as being a surface for your thumb to adhere to while adjusting the volume.

Like I mentioned before, the sound coming from these headphones is phenomenal, especially when using them with the Dolby 7.1 USB sound card. They can really elevate the experience. You get your lows and highs as well as good bass when it is utilized. The design of the ear muffs isolates your ear so you can hear every little detail. I was able to hear everything while I listened to hip-hop, R&B, and Drum and Bass music while I worked. The bass is there, all the sounds of the music are there, and I could pick out individual instruments and sounds. The same goes for movies; I could hear the dialogue perfectly clear as well as have all the bass I wanted when the action happened. Overall, the sound quality is fantastic.

These days headsets, are multipurpose and are used when communicating across the internet via Skype, Ventrilo, Mumble…you get the point. After using the headset on a few conference calls and Skype podcast sessions, I asked “how was my voice quality”and the people on the other end responded that I sounded crystal clear. When testing the noise-canceling abilities of the microphone, I decided to turn my fan or heater on during calls. When I asked if they could hear my fan in the background they said they could barely hear it. So the microphone is a win in my book.

At the end of the day, the GameCom 777 headset really won me over. Although it’s a bit bulky, it has a good overall design and it provides excellent sound quality – the 7.1 surround sound delivers a wonderful experience. I took about a week to break them in; they hugged a bit too tight under the ear beforehand and, though not bothersome, it did prohibit long term use for the first few days. The ear muffs fit comfortably around the ear, though the cloth material can build a bit of heat during warm conditions; It’s a good thing they are detachable and washable. The Gamecom 777 headset is a must buy if you are in the market for affordable quality gaming headset.


  • Very Affordable
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Excellent Audio Quality from Headphones and Microphone
  • After break-in period they are very comfortable
  • Well-designed Volume Control


  • Attached Sound Card is susceptible to damage if you plan on traveling with it
  • Ear muffs retain heat, leaving your ears sweaty during warm days or in a very warm room

Rating: 4/5


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