Otherland Developer Trailer – A Game within a Game

Being developed by Gamingo and RealU, Otherland, a free-to-play action MMORPG based on the virtual reality novels by Ted William is very interesting. It’s a game within a game. The game takes place within a virtual world of a virtual world. By doing this, it gives them the freedom to explore a plethora of genres when designing the world.

In the video Lead Quest Designer Shawn Pitman talked about the advantage of Otherland’s setting, “The Multiverse itself is one of the most exciting things to me on Otherland, because of the fact that it allows me and the rest of my team to explore options that aren’t typically available in an MMO. You’re usually stuck with one genre, and you can start moving outside of those boundaries.”

He goes on, “Once they(players) play Otherland, I hoping that they start questioning their own reality. There were some movies awhile back that presented the idea that maybe the world we live in, isn’t really the world we live in. This idea here is what I’m looking for, which is maybe the world you live in is more than you actually thought it was.”

Working close with the author, boasting a multinational team, and creating a unique setting, RealU looks to make a splash with Otherland sometime in 2012. In the words of RealU CEO Andrew Carter, “It’s going be f****** cool!”

What are your impressions of the game, think they can pull it off? Video below.

More Otherland Videos

Source: Gamespy

More Coverage: Otherland’s Official Webiste


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