New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details

Magazines have finally hit store shelves detailing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer components. Thank to Variobunz on the Bioware forums and OXM’s featured article, we have some new information to share.

The level cap for multiplayer is 20. Players will be able to play all the classes on one character but will be only able to gain experience points with the class they are currently playing as. Each class will have fully fleshed out skill trees. You’ll gain EXP and credits from kills, assists, and completing objectives. The different races have unique movements. Like Shepard, humans roll, while Drell on the other hand utilize a ninja like dash.Each race has special abilities as well. The Krogans have their famous charge, while humans will utilize omni-blades.

Missions come in three difficulties, bronze, silver and gold. While each mission will have a primary objective, there will also be timed-based side missions, e,g., defusing a bomb, surviving a set amount of time or hacking computers. Additionally, if a buddy goes down, you and others players will have a brief window of time to revive them. When all party members go down, the mission ends.

All of this accumulates into earning war-assets which increase your Galactic readiness level. These assets comes in the form of troops, characters, and resources from every race that provide Shepard the support he/she needs to combat the Reapers.

Bioware is also plans on utilizing other platforms for Mass Effect 3. They demoed a map interface on the iOS platform to display your current level of readiness and areas they needed to be improved. They hinted at continuing this trend with other social platforms. Each will effect the game in its own unique way.

Mass Effect 3 will be released on March 6, 2012 in North America and on March 9, 2012 for Europe on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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