Quick Attack: Battlefield 3 [PS3]

Quick Attack is Vagary.TV’s feature that chronicles the first hour or so of gameplay from the moment we pop in the disc.

In our first Quick Attack, we take a look at the final version of Battlefield 3 for Playstation 3.

:00 A 221 MB patch? I guess the game’s supposed day one patch is out ahead of schedule.

Now there’s a 2GB install. This must be the high texture package. I went and made some coffee.

The install is done. I spent a while configuring my online pass and EA Gun Club account. I unsuccessfuly tried to initialize this Battle Log thing before launch. What a bunch of homework just to prep a game for play.

Also, I finished my coffee. It was pretty good. I also decided not to bother counting how long it took to finish all of the patching and installing business, but it was long enough for me to make coffee and drink it. One milk, one sugar, in case you’re asking.

:00 I see a view of what I think is New York. I hear sirens. Am I a convict running from the cops?

:01 Woah, I’m totally a convict running from the cops! With cuffs dangling from one arm, I just jumped off of a bridge onto a train. Why are there ski masked gunmen on this train? Ugh, public transit.

I quickly checked the options menu. There still aren’t button schemes close to what Battlefield 1943 and BF: Bad Company had. No problem, I’m already used to the scheme from the beta.

:03 Shortly after snagging an M1014 shotgun being used for a doorjam, I got into a button prompt minigame combat sequence where I fought a guy hand to hand. I doubled him over, fired the gun hanging off of his back,  and kicked him out of the window that the gun blew out. Ha ha ha


:05 Now I’m on top of the train and firing at gunmen. I hit a button on the directional pad to switch my AK74U to semi-auto mode to help my accuracy. I jump into a hole in the train’s roof. There are explosives everywhere. I turn a corner and get laid low by a punch. Fade to black.

:10 flashforward sequence over. I find out that I’m a U.S. Marine being interrogated about an impending terror plot. If someone asks me what the numbers mean, I’m going to turn this thing off and throw this Call of Duty: Black Ops disc at the screen.

:15 In a transport as a marine, listening to Johnny Cash. Alright, cool. I’m in Kurdistan. Oh yeah, this is the level from E3!

:20I Knifed a buddy of mine by accident while we’re navigating through some old buildings.

He retorted by saying “BLEEEUURGGH!”

“Friendly fire will not be tolerated,” says the game.

Alright, I get it! Knifing is bad!

:25 A buddy of mine just got sniped through the chest. Enemies are swarming into the small parking lot we’re in.

There’s a small button prompt minigame to drag him to cover. Looks like he’s still breathing.

I start firing back at enemies. The shooting feels a bit more loose than the clean and snappy autoaim of Bad Company 2 and still very much like it was in the Battlefield 3 Beta.

My AI buddies are calling out targets incredibly accurately. This is super helpful as there are so many enemies!

I had to switch to semi-auto fire to manage them without having to reload too often after I vaulted over a fence and flanked the wall that enemies were spawning infinitely from. It’s a bit of  a disappointment that we’re back to the Call of Duty trick of enemies having a clown car complex.

:29 I got taken out when I rushed near the infinite respawn area. I feel kind of coralled off to the side by this. Oddly enough, I raise my hand for a medic when I die.

I respawned and realized that I just had to snipe two guys with RPGs that were marked on my HUD. Oops.

I’m running through a building now. Sniper bullets are ripping through windows as we clear rooms. Got to keep our heads down. We make it to the roof.

“Three…two…one, surpress!” My squad and I stand up, our surpressing fire sends concrete chipping off of the sniper’s building. I see the glint of a scope and fire a rocket at it. The front of the building falls apart and lands in the parking lot where we fought the first gunfight. Nice.

:35 I’m still on top of the roof. I just provided covering sniper fire for some marines extracting the guy who got hit by the sniper. Sniping felt nice and precise with just a slight need to lead moving targets.

Enemy gunfire sends bits of concrete falling off of the architecture of the roof wall I’m taking cover behind.

The squad just extracted. Now enemies are coming towards us on the streets from where the friendly squad literally just left. What?

:40 We found a survivor from an ambushed squad. There’s a van rigged to blow right next to him.

Now I’m crawling through an air vent to trace the IED that’s rigged to the van next to the Hummer. Same as in the E3 demo, there was a button minigame to fight off an enemy in hand to hand. Pretty forgiving, requiring very few button presses.

Big firefight up top! Small chopper shows up and mows down enemies with the buzz of a minigun. Because this is still a videogame, I’m yelled at and told to “man the LMG.” I die from a crazy amount of fire from enemies and have now respawned back in the basement. I run up to the LMG again and a rocket hits the wall I’m behind. I’m dead again. Someone yells “aw fuck!” That about sums it up, bud.

I grabbed the M249 and put it on a bipod. Now I’m mowing guys down as I remind myself that, just like in the beta, I can swivel the gun around on the bipod regardless of whether or not I’m holding the aim button down.

:45 “Enemy Truck!” I start firing at it. Nothing happens. A chopper appears and tears it apart with gunfire. Must be one of those “scripted moments” that Medal of Honor had. Also, I really dug Medal of Honor in spite of that, but this truck was there for quite a while before it was affected by anything. Kind of jarring.

Enemies are flanking us! I jump onto a gun truck and take down huge hoards of “terrorists” running behind cover and out in the open.

The street starts rupturing.

“Earthquake!” My buddies are yelling at me to run, but it’s not letting me get out of the truck.

The earthquake knocked me out of the truck. Well, sure, that works too.

:47 After a brief cutscene of me being interrogated back at the office, I flashback into Kurdistan again. I wake up under the slag of a building that fell down in the earthquake. it’s night time.

I watch a screaming marine get dragged off by an enemy. After digging myself out, I’m alone in a trench at night with just my knife.

I crawl under an overhanging ruptured section of highway as enemies trudge overhead, flashlights searching for me. A dead US soldier slumps out of a nearby jeep, his radio relaying a rendesvous point. I guess that’s my cue.

:50 As I’m crawling through a concrete pipe, a rat comes out and starts trying to take my glove. I bat it away automatically and hit the button prompt to stab it with my knife. Look what you did, you stupid rat! Now PETA’s going to have a fit!

I enter a building, slit some guy’s throat, and now I’m using his silenced Ak74u to fight off some soldiers in a hallway. Slow, bass-heavy music cues as an undertone. Not bad.

This single shot function is a huge help for accuracy and conserving every bullet in a clip. Also, this gun has a flashlight taped to it. MacGuyver would approve.

:50 I fought my way through a street as buildings are crumbling down and ocassionally falling on enemies.

After taking out some enemies with a shotgun, a flare is fired up into the sky. I think they all know where I am now.

I picked up some gun called a KH2002. It looks kind of weird and fires in two round bursts, but it does the job.

My objective is “retrace steps to school.” Seems like a good spot to stop this Quick Attack.

1:00 Multiplayer only has two servers up. I can’t play because no one else is on, but I can customize my infantry, ground vehicle, and air vehicle preferences.

Because I’ve played several EA games, I’ve unlocked two Mass Effect dog tags as well as a slew of others from different Battlefield games. What, no love for Dead Space? Oh well, this Battlefield 1943 dog tag will be fine.


The game still preserves the lumbering but quick feel of movement from the Battlefield 3 beta and the BF: Bad Company titles before it. The autoaim helps make the aiming seem responsive and snappy, but this will likely be different for people who play the game on PC.

I’m not incredibly excited to see scripted events that are more obvious than those in Medal of Honor. Although I’m not sold on the value of infinitely spawning enemies, there’s no magic line to run across and stop it (thereby exploiting the contrivance) as there was in Call of Duty games.

There’s still a whole campaign to play, as well as co-op and all of the pertinent air and ground vehicle combat sequences. I definitely dig what I’ve played so far, so I’ll keep playing.

Be sure to check back on Vagary.TV for the full review!


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