CCP Reduces Staff by 20% To Refocus

CCP, game company known for Eve Online announced today in a blog post that they are cutting about 20% of their staff to refocus the company. The majority of the jobs being lost are at the company’s Atlanta, Georgia studio although some of their other offices in are taking a hit to.

Citing that developing two new games while supporting their existing one has strained the company’s resources much too thin. CCP is cutting down staff to refocus on developing Eve Online and their FPS that will operate in the same world, DUST 514 on the PlayStation 3. Their highly anticipated sandbox MMO, World of Darkness is taking the biggest hit, with the development team being reduced to a fraction of what it was.

For the immediate future, our mission is to enrich the vast EVE Universe by strengthening the continuous development of EVE Online while preparing to bring DUST 514 to market on the PS3. We do this in order to realize our ambitious and challenging plan of joining the two in a cross-platform, truly massive online world.

World of Darkness will continue development with a significantly reduced team. This team will continue to iterate and expand on the gameplay and systems they have designed. We will also redeploy creative teams in Atlanta to support the launch of DUST 514.

However, they maintain that Eve Online is healthier than ever with subscriber count steadily increasing until the recent missteps the company has taken with their customers.

With the refocus of development, players can expect an un-named expansion pack this winter for Eve Online as well as the launch of Dust 514 private trials.

Source: CCP Blog


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