Fifth Battleframe Revealed for Firefall

Today, Xplay and Red 5 Studios unveiled the The Dreadnaught, the fifth battleframe for the online shooter, Firefall. Like the name suggest this frame is a heavy weapons/armor class. Their primary weapon is a mini gun with an alt. fire that projects a shield in front of the Dreadnaught. They are given plenty of utility to help them survive on the front lines and become a force to be reckon with.

Offensive Skills

  • Turret Mode – Locks the Dreadnaught in place immobilizing him/her, but increases their accuracy and rate of fire
  • Repulsor Blast – A charged Knockback ability and causes blast damage to all nearby targets
  • Thunder Dome – Creates a force field that can’t be penetrated by anyone and traps anyone inside
    • Can be used offensively and defensively

Defensive Skills

  • Heavy Armor – Reduces damage from incoming fire
  • Dread Field – Steals energy from energy units, and multiples the damage output of the dreadnaught

Source: X-Play Exclusive Firefall Trailer


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